Tuesday, September 14, 2010


After breakfast on the veranda this morning hubbie ,daughter and I took a bike ride .We stopped by the park and talked to some fishermen,sounds like everyone is having the same nasty luck as we are this week in the fishing category.

We came back to the house and fished for a little while,catching only a couple little ones before it got really hot outside and ran us into the air conditioning.

We ate lunch and decided to go to the Tanger Outlets just down the road from where we are. We shopped there last year and found some nice bargains. The bargains weren't as good this year but we are a month earlier than last year. We all did manage to buy a few a things .

On the way back we stopped and got steak and fresh local shrimp to fix with the crabs we caught in our trap.

MMMMM!!!! we had a very good supper tonight. Everyone got in on the cooking....
#1 son always cooks the crabs because they have to be alive when they go in the pot and no one else wants that job.
Daughter cuts up her veggies to go on the grill.

Hubbie is at the grill cooking steaks and I am in charge of the shrimp.

We have our system and it works like a well oiled machine!
The sunset was beautiful again tonight.

Over the intercoastal waterway .....

As well as the ocean.....
There seems to be 3 faces in the moon on this night.

G-son is not feeling good tonight, says his ear is hurting,hope he sleeps it off tonight and is back to normal tomorrow.

The men have all gone down to the park docks to fish tonight leaving us girls at home. Me and all the dogs are sitting on the porch while I type this and the girls are watching a movie on TV while g-son sleeps on the couch.

Got a call from the realtor friend who has our old in-law house listed telling me we have a low ball offer on it. We are asking 69,900, the offer was 40,000 so hubbie called his brother and they decided to counter with 58,000 so we still have a little room to bargain. They would be satisfied with 25,000 each after the realtor's part so we'll see how this goes. It sure would be nice to sell that house before winter.

The look on hubbie's face when I told him about the offer made me feel sorry for him as I know how it feels to sell the house you grew up in. Somehow selling that house makes the finality of your childhood with your parents feel very real . It is hard to explain that hole in your heart over a house but it's there.

So ends another marvelous vacation day at the beach under God's guidance and watchful eyes.

Good Night and God Bless.

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