Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I looked at my to do list for today and had another cup of tea,ha ha.
It is cloudy this morning and looks like rain any minute. Canning tomatoes was on my list for today so I decided I had better go to the garden and pick them this morning.
I never see robins at my bird feeders but they are always around the garden. There were several hopping around looking for insects in the grass at the edge of the garden this morning. They are still spotted from the molt of their feathers.
I picked a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes to go with the large bowl full I already have in the kitchen.
Before I canned I iced 12 caramel cakes, then ate a tomato sandwich for lunch.
#1 son came in from his Dr.'s appointment and said he had several types of staff infection in the culture they sent off from his surgery, but they were all slight,whatever that means. His infectious disease doctor wasn't in his office today so he has to wait until tomorrow to get meds. The wound care nurse said the report didn't look urgent to her. After they changed the dressings on his wounds his wound vac mal-functioned and she had to order him another one which they brought about 2 hours later. She had to come back to get the new one up and running.
During all this I canned my tomatoes.
Scalded and peeled, jars washed and ready.
I had to use both my waterbath canners to save time as quart jars of tomatoes have to boil for 45 minutes.
While they were waterbathing I washed all the utensils used for canning. Some of these things I only use maybe a half dozen times a year but they are necessary in those times.
Last year at this time we had a hail storm that did all our tomatoes in,hopefully this year we will have them for a while longer,Lord willing.
This is late to be canning my first tomatoes, but the dry weather has got a lot of the timing off vegetables growth this summer. Thankfully I had 11 quarts to add to the winter supply of garden vegetables. There is still a lot of green tomatoes on our vines so maybe the rains will come in time to save the later tomatoes. I also picked some yellow squash and saw some peppers almost ready for picking. I think with a little rain we would also have a few green beans.
The garden is definitely winding down, but it is time.
After canning I noticed a flurry of activity at the feeders and picked up my camera to see if I could spot any new comers.
Sure enough there was these guys....Mr. and Mrs. House Finch were a welcome sight to my yard, they have a very sweet song. These birds have recently invaded the eastern US from the western states.Mr. Finch has a beautiful red breast and he was a little surprised to find this Gold Finch on the same feeder.I wondered if this little Carolina Wren was one that was raised in the house in the yard.Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are starting to look their normally vividly colored selves again.

I only got half of my to do list done today but the other things can wait.
I am done icing chocolate and coconut cakes tonight. I'm afraid I won't have enough cakes tomorrow ,especially caramels because I got a couple big orders and now don't have but 3 to sell. You never know about these weeks after holidays,but these 2 orders are for people who are headed to their winter homes farther south.
Thanking God for today's blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Great pictures.

For some reason or many reasons, we did not have an abundance of tomatoes this year. Marcy did gets soup mixes and salsa and tomatoes canned but not the big batches that we usually produce.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are so busy that your blog post makes ME tired.. ha ha.... Glad you got your cakes done --and got those tomatoes canned... You will be ready for winter for sure!

Your poor son... Hope those staff infections don't get worse and spoil another trip to the beach.

Hope today was a good day also --and hope you are sleeping well these days. How is your knee?