Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Another beautiful morning in Cherry Grove,SC.Thanking God for this gorgeous weather we are blessed with this week.
Hubbie, daughter and I went for a walk on the beach this morning.

There is no shells on this beach ,I don't know if it's this time of year or why that is but it's disappointing to me as I am a shark tooth hunter. I have a huge collection at home and add to it every year. I found 1 lone tooth this morning on our long walk.
If you look closely way out under this pier you'll see a ladder against one of the pillars.We could never figure out what this man was doing,but he was a brave man,hope he had his shark repellent on !!!

Back at the house #1 son's family were getting ready to leave for the Alligator Adventure they thought g-son would enjoy.They wanted to get there in time to see them feeding the alligators.

Daughter got ready to go meet a friend who lives nearby for lunch.
#2 son, hubbie and I headed up to Sunset Beach,NC. That is where we have vacationed for the past 2 years and the new bridge onto the island was suppose to be finished by now and we went to look.

Unfortunately the new bridge wasn't finished yet, they looked like they were close.

And on the fortunate side we made one last trip across the old bridge that is the last of it's kind on the East Coast.This is a part of the history of Sunset Beach which will be gone forever as soon as this new bridge opens.

We drove down to look at the new house that replaced the old house we stayed in the past 2 years.
This one sure looks different than the one we stayed in!This was the house that was here last October.
On the way back it was lunch time so we stopped at the Seafood Hut in Calabash,NC to have lunch.
Hubbie has wanted to eat here since we started coming to this area and have never got here when it wasn't so crowded.It was good but everything was fried in lard according to our waitress.
We spent a relaxing afternoon after everyone got back from there adventures of the day.

I got a migraine headache this evening complete with vision fissures and had to miss out on the family trip out to a local seafood restaurant ,but they brought me back something and I was better of my headache by the time they got back. Usually I just need Tylenol and a hot pack on my head in a dark quite place for an hour or so to get over them. I used to have them frequently but in my later years they have gotten less frequent,thank goodness.
They got the name of the restaurant from our minister ,it was on the boat docks in Little River,NC.
They said it was good but they were very understaffed and it was a long wait for the food. G-son loved it because he could watch the big boats go by as they ate outside.
I got up to make my nightly sunset picture,only over the waterway tonight as I really don't feel like walking to the beach.

I ate my supper alone when they got back then did some laundry,yes even on vacation I do laundry.
These houses have washers and dryers and it saves me time when I get home to keep up with our dirty clothes while we're here.
I still feel dazed by my headache and will until tomorrow morning probably so I might as well be productive while I sit around.
As I lay here on the bed and watched the sunset over the waterway and marsh that is outside my window I marveled at the beauty God blessed us with in this world and could only imagine what our Heavenly home will look like.
God is good all the time !!

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I didn't comment ---but I read all four of your posts tonight... Glad you are having a good time... That Nature Preserve is fairly new....

We used to love to go to all the way down to the POINT at Cherry Grove and walk all around that area at sunset.... Gorgeous!!!

We haven't eaten at the restaurants you mentioned --but we love anything at Calabash... IF you go back to Little River, try Capt. Jewel's... It is very good --even though we like the Calabash area better.

Have you ever driven up to Ocean Isle? It is the next island up from Sunset Beach... I'm not surprised that the bridge is not finished yet...

Glad you are having a great time --as a family at the beach. Sounds like you have a perfect house.

Hope you feel better.