Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thursday already ! I can't believe how this week has flown by. Daughter says it's because we had to wait an extra 2 months for this week to get here.
Daughter, g-son and me headed out to the beach mid morning while the guys all went fishing on the pier and d-in-love slept in ,she doesn't feel well this morning. Seems like we have all took our turns at that this week.
Note the bird flying by in this picture !!

G-son had a blast at the beach playing in the sand.

Racing with the waves in the ocean.

This little guy was from Ohio,his name was Cameron,g-son called him camera. He was almost 3 years old and just as daring as g-son, so they had a blast.
They were actually staying on the same street as us. We had a hard time getting g-son to leave to go back to the house to eat lunch.
As soon as we finished lunch he wanted to go back to the beach.

His mom went with us this time,the guys are still at the pier,hope they are catching a lot of fish.
Not long after we got to the beach hubbie and #2 son came down. They said they didn't catch any fish and it had gotten very hot so they came home. #1 son had to lay down for a while he got so hot and he really gets into his fishing.

G-son had more people to play with now and he loved it. He has no fear of the waves.
We spent the entire afternoon on the beach with him. I love watching him so happy and enjoying something so much,he was so excited he was just bouncing up and down at times.

We had Johnsonville bratts on the grill for supper,although none of the neighbors showed up like on the commercial !!!
The guys all headed back to the pier to see if they have better luck tonight and us girls decided to go check out Barefoot Landing. There were signs all along this bridge warning you not to feed the alligators, I sure hoped there were no hungry alligators in these waters because this bridge was right on top of the water.

There was some interesting shops in there,this is a picture of an old car in the middle of one of them called "Vintage America". I saw several things I liked but they were very expensive.

I came away with a pair of earrings for my evening of shopping.I took g-son in a candy store and told him to pick whatever he wanted, he got a couple pez dispencers and a few pieces of other candy is all.
We had ice cream at the Marble Slab and then it was closing time so we headed home,stopping on the way for a chicken nugget meal for g-son who finally got hungry.
We got to the house at almost the same time as the guys got back from fishing. No luck tonight either
#1 son is sorely disapointed ,but that's the way it goes.
The waves are supposed to be bigger tomorrow with strong rip currents due to a large hurricane that is passing far off shore.

I am happily tired tonight ,this has been a wonderful day thanks to the graciousness of the good Lord.

Good Night and God Bless.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I love Cherry Grove. We stay there too!!! Glad you and your family had fun.
God bless you.

Ardith said...

Oh how I envy you vacationing with your whole family! It's something a lot of people only dream included! And the pictures really remind me of my weekends at the Washington State coast. I miss the ocean. But God has beautiful things here in Oklahoma too! Have fun, take care and God Bless.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry the guys aren't having any luck fishing.... I'm sure they are disappointed...

I've been to Barefoot Landing --but wouldn't go back I don't think... I'm not a shopper so places like that are not of interest to me... (I'm not your typical female. ha)

Can't believe that your week is almost over.... BUT--the weather was certainly good for you, wasn't it????