Saturday, September 25, 2010


Old Timey Day at the Curb Market in September is usually a good day especially with the weather we are having today.Come on in and join the fun !!!The old wood cook stoves were fired up early to bake the bisquits and fry the sausage and ham.Lines form quickly for a taste of yesteryear!These musicians called themselves Pickin' and poundin'.They were very good and I heard a lot of positive comments about them.Everyone seemed to be enjoying the food and the music.This is a friend of hubbie and me who brought his grandfather's first tractor to display.There were several antique automobiles on display also.My favorite display was this fellow market vendor's. Along with about every wood cutting and working tool of the past.....He had old pictures,my weakness !!!!If you live around here you are familiar with the Peter Guice bridge on I-26.Today there is a huge gated community around these water falls called Oleta Falls community.Notice the condition of the front tire on this truck !!!Old newspaper clippings always interest me because they tell us so much about our history and how our ancestors lived.There was a large crowd all day outside and inside.Daughter watches over our booth.I usually dress in an old timey outfit but didn't have anything I thought I could stand an 85 degree temperature in. I didn't see any of the ladies in their long dresses like we usually wear.These benches looked very inviting but not for sitting !!!!

After a very busy market day I shopped on the way home and then relaxed for a rainy evening,ahhhhhh. You can almost hear the grass,flowers and trees sighing with relief as the rain started to fall about 6:00 this evening.
God knows when to send rain and His timing is good,thanking Him for a wonderful day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

What a wonderful day! I love history too.

I also noticed the lady pouring water in the radiator with a dipper in addition to the bad tire.

Hope your day was successful and you sold out of everything!!