Saturday, August 14, 2010


Market was busy today,hubbie left me with it early and before I knew it ,it was 1:00. Whew, the day sure flew by while I was so busy.
I left and ran errands, my regular stops for supplies and stops for #2 son's Frontline for Flash and looking for #1 son's tape for his bandages (which I couldn't find) and a stop at the co-op for some all natural flea collars for Dolly. She is so sensitive she can't wear the regular ones and these work really well on her. Made it home after 4 and hubbie helped me unload.
It has been cloudy and much cooler today ,low 80's, as predicted, but as of yet no rain.
We rested until #2 son brought Flash up to get us to help put the Frontline drops on him. He is a wiggler and we still didn't get it exactly between his shoulder blades.
Hubbie and I had salad for supper ,we put the cattle in the upper pasture,just in case of flooding rains and then just chilled for the evening.
A nice quiet relaxing Saturday night,aahhhhhh!!!!!!
It started raining about 9 pm and has been raining for almost 2 hours now. I sat out in the sunroom and listened to the drops hitting the metal roof for a long time.
As I sat there I thought about the past years and of a unique way to preserve some of the memories. Last winter I started organizing my old photos for just such ideas.
Each month I am going to try to make at posts of photos from each past decade of that month.
Beginning in summer of 1980 here we go.......Happy 8 month newly-weds , Dollywood was a favorite destination!Spent almost every weekend at the lake.I worked at a place called Norton Diamond Tool Manufacturer as a Head Inspector and hubbie worked for Rental Uniform Service delivering uniforms. When the weekend came we were both ready for some leisure time.Our first truck and boat. I will never forget the first trip to the lake,we unloaded the boat and hubbie drove the boat around to the camp spot and I pulled the trailer out of the water and had to back up to turn around, the tailgate on the truck was down and caught on the jack on the trailer tongue and made a big dent in it. Hubbie wasn't nearly as mad as I thought he would be.Fishing off the pier at the beach. A skinny me !!And this is my niece who will soon be holding her own baby instead of her little brother.
Her baby shower is tomorrow. She shocked everyone when she announced her pregnancy.We followed the Nascar races that year, here is sis-in-law and me with Darrell Waltrip.Our first home. I bought this 1974 mobile home new and lived in it 5 years alone before I met hubbie. It was on land given to me by my father on his farm,which is now our farm.My dad and I built this addition on and over it so I could put a wood stove in it for an alternative heat source when the power went out. if you have followed my blog long you know this is a regularly photographed area. This is where #2 son's house sits now.I'm glad I've retained my love for roses.

Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and I hope I keep this part of my blog going for future generations.
Just as I finished downloading these pics , I heard a big boom and on the scanner they called the fire dept to a wreck near our driveway.
Hubbie and I got in the car and drove down to #2 son's as it is still raining outside. Just above our drive was a red pick up truck in the ditch. A man was out walking around it and then got back inside out of the rain. We got on #2 son's porch with and he said the man must have called it in himself as he hadn't seen anyone else. We couldn't tell what he had hit or how bad his truck was torn up and weren't going to brave the rain to find out. At least he didn't hit anything but trees and rocks. When the police arrived we came home.
So much for early bedtime,now it is after midnight.
Looking forward to a blessed Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love seeing your old pictures, Marilyn.... You were/are a beauty!!!!!

Wish we had some of your rain... Last night, there was a huge 'wad' of rain headed right toward us... But it all dissipated before getting here... Darn!!!!

It was so hot yesterday here (about 92 with a heat index of 98) that I was wringing wet after coming in from watering my potted plants... Gads--where is FALL?????

Keep showing your old pictures... I love them.