Monday, August 2, 2010


Woke early with a phone call saying a cow was out almost in the road. I went looking for ours and discovered it was the neighbors again,2nd time in a week !!!
After morning chores and breakfast I baked some wine cakes for an order. While they were baking I noticed a lot of activity at the bird feeders.This cardinal looks pretty pitiful in the later stages of its molting time,so does this Indigo Bunting who is usually irredescently blue with no spots.These gloriously colored Gold Finches are a bright spot on this dreary morning.Haven't seen much of this little guy all summer, he looks a little thin or maybe it's just his summer coat.Here is another bright spot in my mornings,every year this wild Morning Glory vine kinda takes over one of my front flower beds. I allow it because this is one of my favorite wild flowers. The leaves are on some kind of insect's menu as you can see all the holes.

Went to pick up #1 son and g-son about 11:30. Got them breakfast and settled in for the day.
The physical therapist was late and when she came she said she thinks son needs to have a x-ray of his ankle to see if it shows any reason for him not being able to move his foot up and down. Friday will be his last home physical therapy session.
I helped him fill out papers this afternoon and then bagged my Avon orders and stamped the books for delivery tomorrow.
The wound care nurse came this afternoon and she said she only had 1 more visit scheduled also but would have to extend her care because of the 2nd wound vac they have had to hook up on the fasciotomy that the stitches were taken out of too soon.
G-son and I left for Bible School while she was here.
We gained 2 more kids tonight for a total of 18.Music was again the favorite,as they partnered up for a dance in true western sytle.Aunt T came by to lend a helping hand for a while this evening. Some of the kids insisted that she be the one to help them.Annnnndddddd , there off !!!!!!! working up appetites before snack time.After all our outside activities they were excited about making cowboy hats. We helped them put their names on then gave them a bunch of stickers and let them decorate them as they pleased. They had fun.G-son wanted to know tonight if Bible School lasted for a year. I happily informed him only a week !!!!! No one has more fun than this guy !!!!
After dropping him off at home I baked more cakes and looked forward again to an early bedtime.
God is so good all the time,praying for all these young kids tonight,hoping that I can help make a Godly impression on at least one.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Sounds like your VBS is going GREAT... Kids love this week together. I remember --when I was in Texas, that some parents used VBS for 'daycare' during the summer --and would put their kids in every VBS in the area.... I'm not sure that is a good idea!!!! But---if the kids can learn to play together and can learn about Jesus, then I'm sure it's worth it.

Can No. 1 son get some of his PT extended???? I hope so... Sounds like he still has problems. Poor thing.

Love the picture of Grandson with his cowboy hat--sitting on that horse... CUTE!!!!