Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sunday service at church took an unexpected turn this morning,I think God himself led this service. One by one church members stood and witnessed for our Lord and church family.
The special one for me was #1 son, although he had a tough time speaking through his tears his thankful message came across and there was not a dry eye in the house. Our minister has known my kids since they were very small and they grew up with his own children so he has a special relationship with them.He said this morning the image of #1 son in his mind was one of him carefree on the back of a trailer with the other cub scouts in a parade.
To top the morning off hubbie was elected as an active Deacon again. Our deacon serve 3 year terms and then they rotate off for 1 year. Hubbie hasn't been active in several years,some of those he turned it down because we just had so much on our plates.

Tonight will be a long post because this will start my 2010 August decade picture posts and I feel I need to post some updates.
Hang on here we go...... Starting with #1 son update....
In December 2005 he married this little red-headed violinist. We gave them a piece of property and they made their home. A little over 10 months later they blessed us with g-son.This is their house complete with playground set.They have spent this August dealing with recovery of son's accident in June that is the reason for the crutches and bandages in the above photo,you can find details in June's blog post.Son has his own grading business and before the accident it had gotten so slow he had taken a job at a local plant to tide them through these tough times,but was let go from that after the accident and now is uncertain what his future holds. Daughter in law works 2 part time jobs at this time. Son will soon be 29 years old.

Update on #2 son.....He works for the Postal Service as a letter carrier in town and has concerns of his own over his job as the turmoil in the Post Office system continues. He is still single and just recently bought Flash his basset hound pup. They appear to be made for each other.Here he and his dad and Flash spend some relaxing time on a summer evening.
We also gave him a piece of land and this is where he makes his home. He is 27, there is 16 months between him and #1 son.

Daughter update......She works for a nearby elementary school,actually the same one she attended when she was growing up. She worked in the TV business with her Mass Communications Degree from college for several years before realizing that wasn't for her. Now she loves her job and as the computer expert at the school as well as coaching Volleyball at the local high school. She also works part time on weekends and summers at Fats restaurant and has a pet sitting business of her own. Besides being a very busy young lady she takes time to teach a K-1st grade Sunday School class and helped out in my Bible School class this month.She is a natural with kids and they love her!
This is her apartment also on our property.She is 25 years old.

And now a short update on hubbie and me.......This is our house ,built in the early 80's, just last winter we added this front porch and this large sunroom now covers what was a back deck. We wish we had done this years ago as we have really enjoyed this sunroom.
Hubbie works for the local school system in the construction dept.
We still farm some beef cattle but now on a much smaller scale than we used to. When all the kids moved out and got jobs we found we just couldn't handle all the jobs that went with a big farm by ourselves at our age.
I go to the Curb Market now 2 days a week and sell baked goods and crafts that I sew.
I also sell Avon as I have for about 15 years now. I usually take my family on a weeks vacation every year with the money I've made from Avon that year, but in this economy slow down I have just this month got last years vacation payed for.
I love having chickens around for fresh eggs and plan to add a few more in the spring or as I find what I want.
We just sold all the calves we bought for resale this year and only have Snowball, our old retired milk cow, now in the pasture. We will also be adding new calves as soon as the price gets right for us.
Since the kids are gone hubbie and I now share our home with what I call our 4-legged kids, Dolly ,a toy poodle ,and Bernie, a Havanese. We have 2 Australian shepherds who patrol the farm for us ,keeping predators such as coyotes and foxes at bay.

I have thought about all the vehicles I have had over the years and wished I had pictures of them all to remember them by so this last up date is primarily for me to look back on and probably for future generations to look back and get a good laugh at the type cars and trucks we drove in this day and time. I primarily drive this 2005 Pontiac Montana van. It's the 2nd one I've owned and I love them for their cargo space which I have to have hauling my things to market. Unfortunately Pontiac doesn't make these any longer,mine is one of the last ones made. I just hope it last for a while.
Hubbie's primary ride is this little green 1999 Honda Accord.
We bought it from one of my Avon customers when her husband died suddenly,it was his car and she didn't want to look at it . Hubbie needed it to drive back and forth to work instead of his 3/4 ton farm truck to save gas money.
And here is the 2005 Chevy truck and our cattle trailer,we don't use it often but have to have it when we need to haul or pull anything around here.
Okay this post has gotten waaaay long and now that the updates are finished tomorrow will be the "what went on in August 2010 pics" so stayed tuned !!!

Thanking God for a wonderful Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a fabulous post, Marilyn... It's so good to get to know you and hubby and your kids better.

And I can only imagine hearing my son witness at church... That is awesome.. Made me teary just thinking about it... That accident has really been hard for him (for all of you all) I'm sure... I didn't know that his wife played the violin... How neat!

Have a wonderful week..

Nezzy said...

What a wonderful update on your precious family.

I pray for your son's complete recovery from his accident!

God bless ya and have a marvelous Monday!!!