Sunday, August 8, 2010


Church was good today,I felt really peaceful during the service.
Afterward we fixed lunch of roast beef, fresh potatoes, green beans and corn with yeast rolls, I baked some apples for dessert.
Daughter, #1 son and g-son came to eat with hubbie and me.
Daughter went to her friends blackberry farm to pick up more berries after lunch.
I spent a relaxing afternoon doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.
I took a long walk this afternoon, I noticed the Elaeagnus bushes are loaded with berries.Although these berries are edible and are said to contain high amounts of cancer fighting antioxidants I've never eaten many of them,they don't have much flavor to me. The birds love them and they usually do a good job gleaning the bushes. Like many other berries that birds eat that contain seeds each year a new bush of these berries springs up. I noticed another bush not far from this one that didn't have any berries yet. They have to be 3 years old before they bare fruit.
After my walk I felt kinda guilty for my afternoon of doing nothing so I made a run of blackberry freezer jam.She brought in so many berries you could hardly tell I used any making these 7 jars of jam. I love making freezer jam, it is sooooo easy !!! Daughter wants to make regular jam tomorrow,lots of it !!!!!! Thanking God for this restful Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad VBS went well.... It looks are is your grandson LOVED every minute of it....

I love blackberries --but the ones I bought in the store (yuk) this year had no taste... I love the wild ones we pick when we are hiking....

How's your son's leg doing??? Hope he continues to improve.

Have a good Tuesday... It was wonderful weather on the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA --but is hot here...
I'm ready for FALL.