Saturday, August 28, 2010


Market was busy today, and I got a lot of orders for next Thursday. Then it occurred to me that next weekend is Labor Day and around here Apple Festival so that's why all the orders. This will be my busiest weekend until mid October.
Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer and it is bittersweet for me. I am glad for a slow down in my hectic schedule of baking and sewing ,but that means a drop in the money I make and a tightening of the belt must occur !

The realtor who listed our old house came by to buy a cake and said we had a showing of the house yesterday. It sure would be nice to sell before cold weather.

While I was at market #1 son came over and used his machines to clean out our barn. He was bored at home and itching to do something. He did a great job some of that dirt hadn't seen the light of day in many years. We now have a huge pile of compost out in the pasture. We'll cover it with black plastic to make it work faster and discourage weed growth.

I left market,ran my errands and got home around 4:30. Hubbie and daughter helped me unload. I got to finally put my feet up for a while this evening while watching the weather. Hurricane season is getting interesting. We just had one named Danielle pass way off the east coast, but the next one named Earl is not looking good for our coast.
With our coastal vacation getting closer we are watching all this activity with a weary eye.
My knee is still swelled today but seems to be getting better or maybe I'm just getting used to favoring it,who knows, anyway it is easier to get up off the commode today,hahahaha!!!!
Daughter got a nice surprise,thanks to some persistant exploring by hubbie.
Her SUV died this evening, she got in it and started over to a friends house,she remembered something she needed to take and shut her jeep off to go back inside. When she returned and tried to start it ,no dice, it was deader 'n a doorknob and flashing lights.
She left with her b-friend and was planning on having it toed to the shop on Monday.
After she left hubbie was checking it out and discovered her battery was dead and probably had a fried cell in it causing all the crazy lights. Thank goodness for daddy's !!!!

#2 son came up and we grilled hotdogs for supper along with corn on the cob and potatoes. It has been a very nice day with the temperature still staying in the mid 80's.

After a quite evening I'll give Dolly and Bernie a bath and get an early bedtime myself.Remember every cloud has a silver lining, God will always help us find it !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you had a good day at the market. How is your knee today? (I'm afraid to ask!!!! ha)

Hope you can keep your knee up tomorrow most of the day... You really need to.

We got HOT again today --but it's cooling down nicely tonight.

Have a great Sunday and get some REST.

Gail said...

When you gonna let that knee heal??

Take care of yourself.