Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DAY # 3 OF VBS 2010

Whew !!, I'm still tired this morning and after only 2 nights of VBS !!
Delivered Avon orders and books this morning,finally caught up with one lady that has quickly become my customer and friend. She was outside with a weed eater at almost noon and believe me our cool weather break is over today !! She looked like she was ready to stroke out in the heat. After we visited awhile,she said she was selling her house because the acre of land is just too much for her alone to take care of, especially in heat like we've had this summer.
I came home,had lunch and started laundry and house cleaning. G-son came to stay with me while is dad went to the vascular surgeon this afternoon.
They took the last of the stitches out and gave him a refill of his meds but wants him to start trying to get off them.
He said if he doesn't take them during the day he can drive and that is something son is definitely wanting and needing to do.
G-son and I went to VBS tonight, we had 16 tonight. 3 of the regulars weren't there and we had 1 new face. So that may mean 19 at least for tomorrow. I noticed tonight in this heat all the kids were calmer but more irritable . I can't count the times I heard " he did this" or " She touched me" and on and on !!!!!
G-son wasn't complaining, and that makes him a favorite with all his teachers.
He just loves making new friends.When it came time to partner up during music ,these 2 made a bee line for each other.The new kid is made welcome !!!G-son is never bashful about asking to do it again !!!
These kids are learning more and more everyday about how much Jesus loves them.
Even at this young age that seed is planted in their brains to grow as they grow.
After taking g-son home with a promise he could finally spend the night at our house Thursday night when his pawpaw doesn't have to get up at 5 am to go to work Friday morning I came home to work.
I baked layers and iced 6 caramel cakes tonight. I got an order while I was at VBS tonight.
Thanking God for sustaining my energy each night to guide these kids in His love.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Your grandson must just be full of personality---like his Nana..... He is LOVING VBS... That is so neat. I know that makes you happy...

We've been horribly hot here today also... I'm SO tired of this heat. Now we're dry again... Guess I'll water everything in the yard tomorrow.... GADS!!!!

Hope you get some rest... Hope your son continues to improve.

Claudia said...

Yes one of those regular faces will be back tonight :) He wanted to stay home last night because it was his daddy's birthday and he suggested we had a "party with birthday hats and balloons for Daddy!" which of course we did.

See you tonight!