Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today started with chores, breakfast and then some sewing.I finished up the towel aprons I had cut out last time I worked in the shop.
I didn't want to sew to long today so my neck wouldn't hurt like it did before. These 5 apron were enough for today.
#1 son called and said his nurse wasn't coming today either,she was going to wait until after the doctor looks at the wound tomorrow and see what he says for her to do.
He is having a CT scan Friday to see if they can find out why he can't move his foot. Then he will go back to the doctor Monday to find out the results. I'm praying its a simple fix !
He brought g-son up here while he went to run a fork lift at his friends apple cooler this afternoon.
I was lucky to have a "super hero" looking after me this evening.Able to leap small buildings in a single bound.And a " super cutie" also !!!
He chased " monsters" all afternoon in his improvised hooded cape !!!!
After his dad came back and picked him up I wrapped my cakes that I iced earlier in the day and got everything labeled and ready to go to market tomorrow.
As the clouds rolled in and the skies got dark I noticed this huge moon vine bloom, it smelled so good.This one is huge,probably at least 4" across.
These are the most interesting flowers I have, they are so delicate and fragrant when they open up late in the evening. The next morning they are completely closed.
#2 son came rushing by to put the lawn mower back in the shed and finish his weed eating before the rain began.
He just barely made it and came by for a late supper of some left-overs we had.
We got waves of hard rain but nothing like our neighbors just up the road got.About 5 miles up the road they got about 4-5" of rain in a very short period and it caused some nasty flooding.
Thank God we didn't have any flooding at our place.We are still under a flash flood watch tonight until tomorrow evening so the cows are in the upper pasture.
I hear thunder and rain falling as I type this, we might get our flooding turn yet tonight,I pray not.
I did paperwork and payed bills tonight.
Thanking God for His blessings today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Patty H. said...

Saw a little bit about that flooding on the news last night.
That is alot of goodies! THey look delicious.
Patty H.

Claudia said...

Looooooove your super hero, I know little kids makes us tired and sometimes we want to pull our hair out but I love and admire their simplicity and capability of contentment with the smallest of things!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had rain for a couple of days --and they had horrible flood northwest of us. But--we didn't have any flooding. We only got about 2 inches total--which is GREAT.... It's trying to clear up today.. NOW--if we can just have some milder temps.

Those cakes, etc. look good. I'll bet you sell every single one of them... YUM!!! People who know you in that area definitely keep you busy --making cakes for them... I don't blame them. I'd hire you also!!!!

Love the little aprons also. Sorry you are having trouble with your neck when you sew... Can you use a different chair?????

Hope No. 1 son gets some good news about his foot.