Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DAY 4 OF VBS 2010

Another early start to another busy day. After morning chores during which I discovered a disappointing sound. One of my supposed new "pullets" was making a hoarse crowing sound.
That explains why "he" is so much larger in size than the black pullet.Oh well he is such a sweetie pie, I'll keep him and hope he gets along with "Rockie" the big rooster.
After finishing laundry and housecleaning left over from yesterday I iced more caramel cakes.
#1 son came over to meet his nurse and then left to visit with a friend. He can drive now as long as he doesn't take any pain meds.
I did paperwork this afternoon and got ready for VBS tonight.
As teachers we have discovered that if we start the night out with a small snack it seems to go a lot better.It's amazing how a slice of white bread and a handful of gold fish crackers can improve the disposition of a hungry youngster. G-son polished his off in no time tonight.Music was inside in the cool tonight !!!Ummmmm!!, not so sure about this new partner !!!!!I think she's not so bad ,I'll just call her "Bob" !!!!!! Eating again, a favorite thing to do for these guys.Now I wonder what these 3 are discussing ???????Believe it or not that horse just threw me off !!!!!Tag you're it !!!!!!!!Bring on the play dough !!!!!!!

The heat and humidity are back, making for a hot, sticky day. The kids were all a little out of sorts today and I'm sure the heat had a lot to do with it as well as the fatigue of the week of activity.
High on the news said 94, I didn't check my thermometer today to see what it actually was here .
All my plants are getting thirsty again so the watering will start again soon if we don't get rain.
There was a storm just north of us this evening ,I saw the lightening on the way to church.
Dropped off g-son and came home to ice chocolate and coconut cakes and wrap and label to get ready for market tomorrow.
I'm not looking forward to tomorrow,it's supposed to be the hottest so far and after staying in the heat at market all day,it'll take extra effort at VBS tomorrow night.
God will be beside me and I know that He will carry me through whatever I need to do,He's just special like that !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Good Luck tomorrow, Marilyn... It is supposed to be extremely hot... I cannot believe this heat--and there's not much relief in sight....

Glad VBS is going well--even though I'm sure everyone is hot.... The kids do get to do alot of fun things, don't they???

Will there be a program after it's over??? We used to have the kids sing --and talk about the week... Parents loved it.


Nezzy said...

What a fun theme and a great bunch of kiddos ya have there in VBS! Yep, nothing like a little snack to tame the savage within. Good luck tomorrow sweetie!

Have a terrifically blessed day and a wonderful weekend!!!