Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Vote ,Vote ,Vote !!!!
This photo was sent to the Iwanna Paper for a contest to win $1000 by my daughter-in-law. The voting started today so if you would please go to the website and vote,they sure could use that $1000 right now !!!
My day started out busy and got busier !!
I did get some sewing in this morning, it was so cool and felt good to be outside in my shop.These 3 aprons and 3 bonnets were left from what I cut out several weeks ago and have been laying on my inside sewing machine waiting. I can sew so much faster on the commercial machine in my shop that I got them all made and got about 16 baby eyelet pillows cut out before lunch time.
After a quick tomato sandwich I iced 6 caramel cakes then got ready to go with #2 son to take Flash his basset hound to the vet for his last 7-way shot.
Flash has almost doubled his weight since he was there a month ago.
While there I made appointments for 3 of my dogs for various things , I had to make 2 different appointments as I can't handle all 3 at the same time. Flash also has to go back in a couple weeks for his first rabies shot.
Got a call from #1 son on the way home. He was not happy , the infectious disease doctor has to have the orthopedic surgeon open up the incision that isn't healing to see how deep the slough is and take cultures from inside his leg. It is out-patient surgery and he will have it on Tuesday. The doctor didn't give him any antibiotics because he doesn't know wat he is treating yet and he even said it really didn't look infected to him,it's just not healing.
After dropping #2 son and Flash off at their house I met #1 son here to help him get bandages back on the holes in his leg. That infected side looks terrible !!
He went home and I went walking.. I tried to sneak up on the Green Heron today and caught him fishing to get some better pictures,but still could not get any closer.Here he is poised and ready for a meal. These birds actually use feathers and small insects to bait little fish to the top of the water.His action was so quick I didn't realize I had this picture until I downloaded them on my computer.And now for dessert !!!!!

As I walked I noticed some sure signs that fall is just around the corner.This one bunch of Ironweed grows all alone in an old ditch in one of our pastures. It doesn't seem to spread much from year to year, but no matter how many times it gets flooded over it still comes up every fall.The Indian Paintbrush is vivid this year. The legend of this plant is that long ago an Indian Brave wanted to paint the sunset but became frustrated because he couldn't match the vivid colors. He asked the Great Spirit to grant his wish and the Spirit gave him paintbrushes filled with the brilliant colors he needed. These flowers are said to grow from where the brave dropped these paint brushes all around the fields.The persimmons are starting to turn orange and the walnuts are starting to fall off the trees also a definite sign.
Ahhhhh!!!! Fall must be in the air, I can't remember when I have looked forward to fall more than I am this year. I'm ready for cool weather but I'm also ready for a slow down!
I did paperwork and payed bills tonight while daughter did her baking. I iced 6 more caramel cakes, 4 chocolate and 2 coconut, wrapped and labeled everything.
It is just after midnight and I'm headed for bath and bed. My knee is still giving me a fit, so bad I'm even considering calling a doctor if it doesn't get better over the weekend.
Thanking God for the blessings of today and asking Him to be with #1 son as he is facing yet another surgery.
Good Night and God bless.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You take beautiful pictures my friend.
I will be praying for your son.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, You are one busy lady... Maybe your sore knee is telling you to slow down a little... You remind me of my good friend in Hendersonville ---who still does everything in the world to help her adult children and her grandchildren.. She loves it--but it's killing her...

Glad you are seeing signs of Fall. Our weather has been fabulous this week and I've enjoyed working in the yard.

Sorry about your son's leg.. That is horrible... Bless his heart. Is he ever going to get well? Hope he is getting unemployment--or some kind of workman's insurance...

Have a great day--and take time to smell the roses.