Monday, August 30, 2010


Today started off slowly, when I got ready to go on my Avon route and realized I didn't stamp my books. By the time I got that done it was almost an hour later than I had planned.
No one home at my first stop set me hoping today wasn't going to be a total waste of time.
Luckily that was the only delivery I couldn't make and I made it home around 1:00.
Hubbie is now back to Mondays off so he was here when g-son got out of pre-school and they were playing with his new happy meal toy when I got here.
After some lunch I got a jump on my first of the month laundry by washing all the dog beds and rugs.
After #1 son picked up g-son this afternoon,hubbie went to bush-hog in the front pasture while I watered my potted plants and trimmed a potato vine from a pole on my front porch. It's pretty until it starts dropping little potatoes that look exactly like blood filled ticks all over the front porch.
I'm taking a short break before starting my baking for tonight and decided to start on my blog.
Decade pics for this August show what a busy month this has been.
The month started off with a week of Bible School. I was a teacher in the 4-5 year old class which was g-son's class. This is mine and g-son's 3rd year ,I always helped in Bible School but after my kids grew up I worked on the kitchen staff for years before going back to teaching when g-son got old enough to attend.
This year we had a huge class, between 18-20 kids every night with 2 teachers and 3 helpers.
G-son's favorite part is music,he is not shy about dancing in front of everyone.
This years theme was a western cowboy theme and the week ended with a BBQ and wagon ride for the kids,they loved it.
August is usually my busiest food preserving month and this year I made bkackberry and blueberry jam along with salsa and refrigerator pickles. The dry weather this summer has slowed our garden down quite a bit.
Besides gathering produce from our garden this month we planted fall crops of Kale and Collard Greens and sat out 18 broccolli plants.
We have ate the early potatoes we planted and that space was used for the fall veggies. Hubbie and I both love gardening,we love having our own fresh vegetables and have always preserved all that we could for winter. Our whole place is decorated with fruit trees, berry vines and raised beds of tomatoes and herbs.
Hubbie spends a lot of time on the tractor and mowers this time of year.
He works 4 10 hour days at the school system so he has to keep up the farm on his day off .
I watch g-son 1-2 days a week and he is a joy at the age he is now ,almost 4 his imagination is something to behold. He loves to pretend he is a super hero and he protects me from all the monsters !! Being an only child so far he has learned to entertain himself with imaginary playmates. In combination with his other grandmother,we have shared babysitting time and saved #1 son a bunch of babysitting money.
He goes to playschool now,Mon.,Wed.,and Fri. for 1/2 day and he truly loves it. When he was born we were all deciding what he should call each of us,since he has 2 grandmothers and 2 grandfathers. I choose Nana and other g-ma choose grandma. Well when he got old enough he choose our names so we shouldn't have worried about it to start with. I became Nena, other g-ma became Memaw , hubbie became Pawpaw, and other g-pa became Papa T .

Besides watching him a couple days a week I go to a local market called the Curb Market on Thursdays and Saturdays to sell my cakes and crafts. Daughter has just recently gotten interested in baking so she helps me a lot of the days, especially Saturdays. This month has been a busy one for us.

In my relaxing time I love watching the birds that come to my bird feeders and last fall I started to have a white squirrel who visits often. He invades my bird feeders and spills the seeds, but he is so cute and looks so frightened when the gray squirrels chase him away I can't stay mad at him. After all the squirrels are God's creatures also and they need to eat too.

I think of myself as a positive ,happy person ,I thank God everyday for the life I have and for a wonderful family.

August 2010 has been a very hot month ,many days reaching above 90 degrees. We had some rain toward the middle of the month but are drying up again at the end of the month. Just one more day and this month will be a part of my history.
I am very thankful to God for all the progress #1 son has made this month with his leg injury and asking for God to watch over the out-patient surgery he is having tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great August review, Marilyn... I love that picture of you... It makes me feel as if I know you better. You really do have a wonderful life, you know. YES---you work hard--but that's okay if you love it--and you do.....

How is your knee?????
Have a great Tuesday..