Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder !!Jesus in kudzu ! Enough said !
Wonder what happened to this tree to make him so happy he was cut down ?????The true "man in the moon" !!!!!Unbelievable sidewalk chalk image !!!Talented artist.Nice pic of Henderson County's historic courthouse.

Had a nice uneventful busy housework and laundry Tuesday.
Hubbie bush-hogged the pasture this evening.
He was headed home just as I started my walk. He informed me tonight we are going to have to buy a new bush hog. I thought it was him hitting rocks that I kept hearing but he said something is worn out letting the bush hog dig into the ground.Snowball was enjoying the fresh cut grass.
As I walked past our pond I got a glimpse of a bird hurrying to the other side to hide under the bushes.If you look closely you can see a bird in the middle of this picture. This is the only picture I could get before he flew. As he flew into the trees I saw the beautiful green coloring on his back. Thus giving his name away, he is a Green Heron. I circled around a few more times but only heard him in the trees. Maybe next time a better picture!
I love birding this time of year as the migration of some birds is starting and you can see birds coming through that you never see any other time of the year. Although I think this guy has been around a while as I have heard him squawking from time to time.
Baked some layers tonight, only 36, things are slowing down.
My knee is giving me a fit tonight, I don't remember hurting it particularly but probably the many trips up and down the stairs doing laundry and sweeping and mopping all my floors was enough to make it scream in pain tonight.
I have been drinking knox gelatin in orange juice every morning as a friend told me this helped her knees. I also haven't been taking my Glucosomine regularly lately and I need to get that back on schedule.
Praying for relief for son tomorrow as he goes to get the staph infection treated.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Your Snowball is a 'bit' larger than my Snowball was... Mine was a white cat!!!! ha ha

Love the man in the moon. I hadn't seen that one.

AND--I wish they could find something productive to use Kudzo for... It is the healthiest weed I know...

Hope your knee is better.

Ardith said...

Love the pics. Especially Snowball! I just took 2 loaves of blackberry bread out of the oven. Will let you know later how they turned out! I can't get over the "bush hog" word....we call it a "brush hog" because it cuts brush! Too funny. Take care and God Bless.