Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning felt like a sauna early and the temperature climbed fast into the low 90's.
Laundry and housework took up most of my day.
I was just finishing up when my sis-in-law called to check on #1 son.
I took a glass of ice tea out in the sunroom to sit while we talked. After a few minutes I heard pecking sounds on metal and realized it was huge drops of rain from out of nowhere.
I quickly got off the phone and ran to gather my towels off the clothesline, but by the time I got there the heavens had opened up and it was useless,they weren't dry anyway.Rain water is a natural fabric softener also !!!You can see how hard it was raining by clicking on this photo.And this wasn't just a passing quick shower, it rained hard for almost 30 minutes.
Ahhhhh!!!! just what we needed, you could almost hear the trees, grass and plants sighing with relief. A welcome drink with no thunder or lightening, just a surprise watering.
The state I live in just got a recognition I'd just as soon it not have .North Carolina is now the #1 state in the nation for Copperhead Snake bites !!
Just last week at Bible school, the other teacher and I were talking about how all the development on the surrounding mountains was driving the copperheads and rattle snakes down on us here in the valleys.
We've never killed a copperhead or rattlesnake here on our property but they have been found on very close properties. Hubbie was baling a neighbor's hay several years ago and brought a roll of hay home that had a rattle snake rolled in it. So we know the possibility of finding one on our property is just waiting to happen, yuck !!!
After a walk and some relaxing time this evening I baked layer cakes.
I'm hoping to get in some more sewing time in the cool of the morning tomorrow.
Thanking God for the refreshing rain this evening.
Good Night and God Bless.


Patty H. said...

It rained like that here yesterday. my hubby and son were out weedeating, I kept hearing somethign and I thought it was twigs or somethign being thrown against the house but it was rain! Big, Big drops of rain. And the sun was shining! It was weird. We have killed at least one copperhead here where we live, east of Asheville, so I know we have them around. And last yr our neighbor killed a rattlesnake-10 rattles and a button!! Big!! Not what I want to come up on
Enjoy reading about you days.
Patty H.

Gail said...

Ahhhh, rain! We have had rain all around us but not here yet...I keep hoping, soon.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you got some rain. We got 2 inches yesterday afternoon and we loved it. Sorry about your clothes on the line--but I'm sure they dried later.....

How is your son doing? Hope he is getting better and better.

Keep all of those snakes away from HERE.... Yipes!!! I'm so scared of snakes.

Farm Chick Paula said...

So glad you're getting some rain- maybe it will help to cool things off! *WHEW*
Don't care much for the copperhead picture though- EEEWWW- that is something out of a bad dream!