Friday, August 6, 2010


Started the day with baking and more baking, then icing and more icing !!
G-son slept in a little while after hubbie and I got up so we got all morning chores done before he woke up.
Son came over at lunch and his nurse came shortly after to change his wound dressings. He is down to one wound vac now.
When the nurse left he ,hubbie and g-son went to run a couple errands.
I stayed behind in the kitchen of course, I need to get most of my baking and icing done before tonight.
The storm clouds moved in early today and the thunder sounded close but we only got a short shower.When the guys came back from town they said it poured the rain in town.
Tonight is VBS commencement and we need to be there at 5:45 so everyone busily got ready for the big event.Hubbie ,son,g-son and I rode in my van,while daughter was waiting on her bread to finish baking before she came on up.This group song went very well it was a surprise addition to the program.This was another surprise for the kids,if you enlarge the picture you can see g-son peeking up over the side. He got to ride twice,the second time with some of the boys from his class and he enjoyed that the best.I thought the week was a success when one of the bigger boys whom g-son didn't know ,tripped and fell down and g-son ran over to ask him if he was all right. That little act of kindness comes from planting seeds of kindness and having the love of Jesus in your heart. The BBQ was delicious and the fellowship refreshing to finish off a wonderful week.
And this is a fitting end for a very tired little boy.
God works in amazing ways and if you watch closely you can truly get a blessing.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

How wonderful of you and all the other volunteers who make VBS everywhere such a good experience. Those kids are our future and it's great to see them get a good start.