Tuesday, April 26, 2011


From the look of the skies this morning I thought today would be a rain out for sure but still this evening no rain has fallen. Mind you I'm not complaining,I'm just sayin' !!! With the clouds all day the temperature didn't get out of the mid 70's so it was a nice cool day.
I worked inside all day catching up on house work and laundry and I'm happy to report I'm back on schedule,whew, that's what a week off does for you.
I had 5 cakes to deliver this afternoon and then had to pick up more baking supplies at Walmart on the way home.
When I got here Hubbie was over at #1 son's house helping him put a new fan on his heat pump which quit working again. Speaking of #1 son, I'll ask for prayers again for him as he saw his new knee doctor today and he is recommending that he go ahead and have his knee redone now to save the wear and tear on everything else. If you follow my blog you know that after his accident last June he drew a knuckle head doctor who set the plate and pins wrong when he fixed his knee. Today he found out his knee is 16-20 degrees off to the outside. He is seeing another trauma specialist next week who will actually do the surgery to see what he says.

After chores this evening I baked 6 caramel,3 chocolate, 2 granny pounds, and 1 blackberry wine cake.

I also took time this evening to go through pictures to look for some April 2001 decade pics. I know back then we had #2 son getting ready to graduate. He was finishing up a stellar highschool baseball career by playing in the state playoffs which ended in the 2nd round .
He was their first baseman.

In this year we also got to watch our nephew (hubbie's brother's son) pitch in his first college baseball game.
He got a scholarship to UNC@Greensboro to play baseball. Did well until he hurt his shoulder.

This month also was the time of #2 son's senior prom.
Elected king of his senior prom was an honor. There is an interesting story behind that suit he wore to his prom.
He found out that one of his friends was not going to go to the prom because he could not afford a suit. With Thrift Shopping in his genes,hahaha, he told his friend to come go with him and they would buy suits at a thrift shop,so that is what they did, his suit cost all of $5 including the shoes he found. I actually thought it looked very good on him. It looked better than the $200 tux he rented the year before.He got his mom's attitude of "I'm what I am, like it not".

Last but not least I'm thrilled tonight because due to this blog I've met a cousin who I didn't know that was searching our family history like I am. We've been e-mailing info all evening,it is so interesting comparing notes.

Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day and asking for his guidance for #1 son and the decisions he is facing.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

I like that your fugal ways rubbed off on your son.:)

Very cool that your blog helped you connect with a cousin!!!

Hope these storms past you by.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, I'm SO behind on my comments this week... We've had terrible storms all day... It's disheartening to say the least. I will try to catch up soon....

Lots of damage around TN and Alabama. Hope you all are okay. It's been a rough day... Tornado Sirens went off TWICE today..

BUT--we are safe and we have no problems. Thanks be to God.