Thursday, April 14, 2011


Another slow,slow market day. I left early to deliver some Avon and then run weekly errands on my way home.
Made it home about 3:30,unloaded and got things put away before Hubbie got home from work.
We changed clothes and headed to the ball field to watch g-son. He had a much better game this time than last and looked like he was enjoying himself.
It was a beautiful afternoon,about 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
After the game Hubbie and I came home to spend a nice evening.
Hubbie worked on tearing down the old woodshed/workshop.
As for me I just took a walk around my yard with my camera in hand, come join me !!!

This last picture is of the large Japanese Maple tree Hubbie and I move a couple weeks ago,looks like it is going to be fine in it's new location.

I love spring time in the mountains and I love living right here with views like these below who wouldn't.
When I open my front door this greets me......
And when I open my back door I see (and smell) this ........Love the fragrance of Lilac blossoms !!And of course when I look out either door I usually see my feathered friends feeding at the buffets I put out for them.As I walked and enjoyed the beauty of this spring blooming season I appreciated all the hard work that in years past made this possible. With the exception of the wild Fleabane Daisys and the dogwood tree Hubbie and I planted each of the other plants over the years. That's what makes home a special place .
When we get the old building torn down I will have a new place to plant some new things.
I've had a long day and am tired tonight. After the news I'm headed for bath and bed to get ready for a busy Friday.
Thanking God for the glorious beauty He provides for our pleasure.
Good Night and God Bless.


Ardith said...

Your pictures are great! Spring is such a beautiful time of year...but then we can find something in every time of year that is beautiful, thanks to our Lord. Hope you are doing and feeling well. I'm reveling in our new city water! :) Take care.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, it is a wonderful time of year. Lovely pictures of the beauty around you.