Friday, April 1, 2011


Wow !!! what is that shinny object up there in the sky,why I think it is the long lost sun !!!
I'm glad it's back in it's rightful place ready to warm us with its golden rays.
After chores and breakfast I iced 3 caramel cakes , 2 chocolate and 2 coconuts. This is about 1/3 of the cakes I was baking last year at this time.
After lunch I went to work at church. It is such a beautiful day I wanted to hurry and get home to sit outside and soak up some of the greatly missed vitamin D filled sunshine.
As I sat and enjoyed the sun it was still a bit chilly, 50 degrees, I watched all the birds come and go at the feeders.
This little Black Capped Chickadee was singing her little heart out in the warm sunshine.

These Eastern Bluebirds never come into the yard to feed at the feeders but are always in the bushes in the pastures.

Now this is one guy that I'm glad doesn't come into my yard.When this hawk flies over and whistles all the chickens run for cover under their houses and all the birds get deathly quite. Thankfully for today he passed on by.

Hubbie brought a subway supper home tonight.

Some clouds moved back in this evening making for a colorful sunset.And ending this April Fools Day with a picture sent into a local TV station.....
Good Night and God Bless.

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