Friday, April 8, 2011


These guys definitely know how to spend a day like today !!

As for me I've been to busy to even think about lounging in the sunshine today and when I did have time the clouds had took over the sun.
I cleaned church this morning before lunch.
The Straightway contemporary church is giving an Easter Drama on this Sunday night so they will be practicing tonight.
After lunch #1 son wanted to put a trailer hitch on his Escape so g-son stayed with me.
I baked cakes while he watched TV then we headed outside for an afternoon of work mixed with games,sand box play and jeep riding.
I took all the plants out of my greenhouse and got them cleaned up and watered.
I sat all the plants that were in the sunroom outside also. It is suppose to rain tonight but it doesn't look to promising.
Daughter and Hubbie got home about the same time and we loaded up her garage sale stuff and they took it over to school to set up for the sale tomorrow.
She had a lot of stuff so I hope she makes a lot of money. She called me down last week to look through and see if I wanted anything as she is taking what she has left to Goodwill.I found a pair of shoes and a couple bags. #1 son brought some of g-son's toys for her to take and g-son rescued about three of the ones he just couldn't part with and hid them in my new storage building this evening while our backs were turned when we were loading.
We all had supper together and then daughter baked some cupcakes for a friend for a baby shower.
#1 son finished his light hook-ups and took g-son home to get him to bed early as he has baseball pictures at 9 am followed by a game at 10.
I rested for about an hour then baked a couple pound cakes for a late order this evening and iced 1 chocolate,2 coconut,and a new lemon layer cake that I baked today plus 1 blackberry wine.
This still is a lot less than this time last year but it seems to be picking up.
The news is over and I am ready to put my feet up and get a good night's sleep.
Grateful to our gracious Lord for His generous blessings today and everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Enjoy your hard earned, well deserved rest.

Jean said...

Talk about having a productive day...hope you have a great weekend!