Sunday, April 17, 2011


Holy Week begins today with Palm Sunday, this is the day Jesus entered Jerusalem riding a donkey. He was greeted by followers waving palm fronds and covering his path with them.
In our church today we had our Easter cantata. The songs were beautiful and meaningful and it was a very enjoyable service.
After church we had lunch with daughter,#1 son and g-son, as #2 son is golfing and d-in-love is working.
G-son got an earlier than expected Easter basket today because the church's children's egg hunt is this afternoon and he needed a basket.
Luckily I picked this one up at Walmart yesterday.
He spent the afternoon playing outside with his new big foot truck and practicing for the egg hunt.
And yes in mid afternoon it was barefoot and shirt less weather outside.
The festivities at church began at 4:30 so it was back in jeans and long sleeves for that as the temperatures cooled quickly in the evening.
Maybe they asked for the church lawn not to be mowed so it would be easier to hide eggs ?????
Looks like it was a successful egg hunt !!!!! He even found one of the prize eggs and got a nice surprise.

Yesterday I talked about my new setting Silkie hen and the brooding box Hubbie built for me.
Take 1 old cabinet rescued from the trash ,add 4 legs, remove 1 door and frame for wire opening,add a small piece of left over siding for the roof and viola you have a double decker brooding house.
Add 1 very grouchy little red hen sitting on about a dozen eggs and in about 21 days we should have baby chicks.

The first baby chicks of the season are now 6 weeks old.
The mama of these guys was taken out about a week ago and they have done well on their own. I still turn the light on in there on the cooler nights like tonight to keep them growing at a steady pace.

I have spent a lazy evening lounging with my 4-legged kids and enjoying the quite,peacefulness.
We are supposed to have another cool night down in the upper 30's.

Praising Jesus tonight for the ultimate sacrifice He made for our sins.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Looks like you and I AGAIN got lucky after seeing the storm damage from Sat's storm.

Glad you had a wonderful Palm Sunday service. We did too... I love seeing kids walk up and down the isles at church waving the palms.

I laughed when thinking about Easter Egg Hunts... We used to have them when I worked for the church in Texas. We'd prepare for weeks stuffing the eggs... Then the actual hunt took about 5 minutes!!!! ha

Have a good week...