Sunday, April 10, 2011


Up early on this Sunday morning to finish chores and cut this beautiful bouquet of Lilac blossoms from the Lilac bush just outside my back door for the church sanctuary today. They smelled so good riding in the car.
They looked as lovely as they smelled in front of the church. God makes things so wonderfully perfect.
We had a touching service leading up to Easter about betrayal . We all have experienced betrayal in one way or another throughout our life. It's another way that God is so forgiving, he knew Peter would betray him even before he chose him as His disciple but he chose him anyway and then later forgave his betrayal.
Would you chose someone as your friend if you knew ahead of time that they would betray you after a period of time ??? I think not !!!

All but #2 son who is golfing made it to lunch today. D-in-love was so tired from all the hours she has spent at her parents new restaurant venture that she almost slept through it.
After we ate, #1 son changed the oil in his 2 vehicles and daughter's jeep while g-son rode around and around the yard on his little jeep.
We spent the afternoon doing various things and just enjoying this summer like day.

#2 son came in from golfing and brought his dog Flash up to play with Annie and Sadie while he ate a plate of leftovers then we put Frontline on all the outside dogs. We haven't seen any ticks or fleas yet or seen any dogs scratching but its best to head these little pest off before they get started.
I don't like using this stuff but I don't like fleas eating them up either.
Dolly and Bernie have Advantics waiting for them but I won't put it on them until I see fleas. Dolly is prone to seizures and any flea drop makes her more apt to have them.
So the later I can wait to start the drops for them the fewer I have to use.

After a little relaxation time tonight Hubbie and I gave Bernie and Dolly haircuts and baths. Short hair is better for them in this hot weather.
They are running around the house now like they feel so much better.

This is what our week of weather predictions look like.

I felt God working in our church this morning,looking around at all the tears , listening to the sniffles, and watching all the uplifted hands , I'm not sure what He is up to but I can't wait to see !
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Mmmmmm--bet the Lilacs smell wonderful. Sounds like you had a great day.

We had 80+ days all weekend with no rain.. They say we may get storms this afternoon. Right now though, it is gorgeous outside...

I had to get a couple of fans out of the basement this weekend (since we don't use AC much)... It was hot in the house --and the fans help.

Have a great Monday.