Saturday, April 16, 2011


WOW !!!!! What a night we've had. Just after I finished blogging last night and got into bed all heck broke loose outside. Pouring rain with wind so high the rain was blowing completely sideways,soaking things that don't normally get wet. Limbs were crashing out of trees and trees were falling on power lines all around the county. Thankfully our power only blinked on and off and a few times. It was a difficult night to sleep that's for sure.
This morning we woke to the blair of the radio announcing we were under a tornado watch. There were several limbs in the yard but we saw no trees down at least close to the house.
I put on my rain gear and headed out to do chores, nothing wanted to come out of their nice dry houses today and I don't blame them,I wish I could just crawl back into my nice warm bed and wait for the sunshine to come out. But not today, so I sloshed out to market knowing if the weather doesn't change it will be a wasted day for sure.
Thankfully about 10 am the weather broke and the rain passed on to the northeast of us and by noon there was peeks of sunshine. The wind is still with us but I'll take that !

It was still a slow market day but at least not a total waste.

Talking with customers......

My baked goods......

My Easter decorations......

Pillows for sale......

Bonnet display.......

Bird feeders,wind chimes and wood work.......

I'm hoping business picks up soon. I feel like I need to be doing some sewing but it's so hard to get in the mood when nothing is selling.
I haven't had much energy lately and I think I need to start my early morning walks again, so this week I'm determined to get back into the walking habit to see if that gives me more desire to get to some of this stuff I've been putting off.
I'll get out my knee and hip braces and have them ready !!!!!

When I finished my baking supply shopping and was on my way home I got a call from Hubbie telling me to take a detour because there had been a car accident on the bridge just before our place and the road was blocked.
It was a small black car and it was way off into a deep ditch just before the creek. Whew, I'm glad they stopped before they went into the rain swollen creek !!
Hubbie and g-son helped me unload and get things put away. Then while #1 son worked on making a gate for a fence he has been putting up at his in-laws restaurant Hubbie and g-son helped me get another brooder house ready for another setting Silkie hen.
I got her moved and she settled into her new house just fine. I'll take pictures tomorrow.
G-son is excited at the thought of more baby chicks.
The sun is shining this afternoon but the wind is still whipping and makes it feel very cool outside with temperatures in the high 50's.
We came inside and ate supper together ,then #1 son and g-son went home to do some chores at their house while mom is working.
After hearing the weather forecast for mid 30's tonight I got Hubbie to help me bring some tender plants back inside again.
We watched TV for a while tonight and are planning an early bedtime as with not much sleep last night I'm looking forward to tonight.

So thankful that there was no damage from the storms last night and praying for the victims that were not so lucky both west and east of our area.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you all are okay... We had lots and lots of rain (5 inches in our rain gauge--just from yesterday) and thunder and lightning.. BUT--we were lucky not to have anything severe. We didn't even have those horribly high winds.

I have NC and VA blog friends who have had tornadoes all around them today.. What a wicked storm...

Sorry the market is slow. You have some wonderful things for sale. Hope it picks up soon.

I love your picture. NEAT!!!!

Supposed to get cold here tonight too.. In fact, it's been in the 40's and cloudy and dreary all day long... Brrrrrr..

Jean said...

Glad y'all survived this latest round of storms. I was thankfully spared any damage. offer some great items. Surely sales will pick-up. I want one of those pretty bonnets. Enjoy the sunshine!