Wednesday, April 6, 2011


30 degrees this morning ,looks like all the new blooms survived fine. After chores I started cleaning floors and finished the left over laundry from yesterday before picking up G-son from pre-school. He came skipping out ready to come home. After lunch I promised him if he would settle down and play alone until I finished cleaning we would spend the afternoon out in the warm sunshine. He was great,only asked a couple times if I was finished yet. The temperature outside was in the mid 50's but a little breeze made it feel cooler. Guess I wasn't moving as fast as g-son because he wasn't cool at all. We played what ever game he wanted which included freeze tag, red/light-green/light, played with balls on the slide and even got in a few rounds of hide and seek before his dad picked him up. I was hoping he wasn't as tired as me because he has another ball game this afternoon at 5:30. When I picked him up his class picture was ready He is in front in the red shirt. The teacher with the blue sweater is a long time friend of mine and I know how much she loves kids.

G-son had a really good game tonight,he hit the coache's pitches all 3 times at bat and wound up getting the game ball for doing the best job. He was so proud and happy !!! We noticed on the way home that the wind shield of my van has a huge chip in it . I have been very careful at the ball park to point it away from the playing fields so we figure a limb must have blown against it during the storm night before last. I'll take it by my insurance agent tomorrow if I have time. After getting home from his ballgame Hubbie and I did evening chores,Hubbie had eaten a hot dog at the ball game and I had a bowl of cereal for supper. Daughter came in and did more baking,then we all watched Survivor on TV. I did weekly paperwork and payed bills tonight on my new schedule and made out my to do list for after market tomorrow. It is long and if business is as slow as I think it will be I'll probably leave early to get things done as g-son has another ball game at 5;30 tomorrow . They are making up rain out games with 4 games this week !! I'll miss the Saturday game as it is at 10 am. I iced all my cakes tonight,got finished at 11:30 with just enough time to write this. I'll have to catch up reading blogs tomorrow . Thanking God for the blessings of today. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like your grandson is going to be a great little baseball player!!!!!!

Great school picture.

Glad your flowers/plants are okay. Ours are also.