Saturday, April 2, 2011


Up early after being awakened at dawn by a hard rain shower. It didn't last long but made up for the shortness with intensity. It's amazing what a difference a metal roof makes with the sound of rain !!!
By the time I got out to do the chores the sun was shining brightly and there was only puddles left to prove it rained.
Loaded and on the way to market a bit earlier than usual.
After we got set up at market several old friends stopped by for a visit.
Market was busier than I expected this morning,maybe this is a good sign. However it is noon now and I'm sitting here typing this on my lap top because there is not a customer to be seen anywhere in here!

As I look outside the wind is really flapping the canopes. I'm thinking about this afternoon sitting out at Jackson park at g-son's base ball game in this wind !
Brings back memories of early spring baseball games watching my boys.

Made some baking supply stops on the way home from market getting ready for a change in schedule this week as market will be open on Thursday.
Hubbie was mowing the lawn for the first time this spring when I got home.
I got everything put away about the time he finished mowing and we headed out to the ballgame.
After what I had heard about all the crying in the last game I wasn't to sure I even wanted to be there but I got a nice surprise as he had a very good day,hit the first pitch the coach threw him and caught a couple balls in the field and threw them back into the pitcher just as he was supposed to do.Pre-game instructions, G-son is #6.

Ready for the ball in the field, ready that is in case the team that was playing in the field beside us hits a ball into our field !!!!!

UHH UMMM fielding the ball !!!!!!!

Cheering from the dugout !! G-son is in the middle.


SWING !!!!!!

The first time at bat he hit the coach's first pitch.
The second time at bat he was a little excited and swung before the ball got to him.
The coach throws 3 pitches to each boy and if they don't hit any of them they get to hit off the Tee.
Then they get to run the bases.

Annnndddd he's off !!!!

Rounding second !!!!

Heading for home !!!!!!

Early sportsmanship lessons.

Everyone gets to bat and play in the field twice ,it takes about an hour and that is about all the attention span of a four year old is good for.

Because this field is right beside the playground there is always promises of sliding after the game,evidently for all the players.
After the game and sliding g-son went to see the movie HOP with his aunt T ,his dad went home and Hubbie and I went to Walmart and Sam's Club to stock up on some groceries.

Back home we ate supper and watched parts of both final four games. Since the Tarheels lost,I really don't have a favorite with these four. I guess since Butler is a small school and is the underdog I'd like to see them win it all and they did win tonight. They will play UCONN for the championship .

VCU ,the team that played Butler tonight might be looking for a new coach as I've heard rumors that NC State is going to offer him their head coaching job.

Just think 1 more basketball game and the season is over.

Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day and looking forward to worship tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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