Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Another cloudy,dreary morning. It rained and stormed during the night keeping me awake for a while soon after I got to bed. It doesn't look like it rained to hard but things are definitely wet this morning.
I spent the early part of the morning catching up on a stack of little things on my desk that I've been putting off. I renewed our cattle trailer tag online,canceled my cell phone insurance because of a rate hike they are having,called Direct TV about one of our TV's that the direct TV receiver takes on a mind of it's own deciding when it is going to play or not,tried to post some chicken adds on craigslist but couldn't get things to work and so on and so on,just a lot of time consuming stuff that I can now mark off my to do list.
I cleaned the floors then #1 son and g-son came for lunch and spent the afternoon with me.
One of D-in-loves 1st cousin's was involved in a car accident that killed his passenger and sent him to the hospital with traumatic head injuries. She is on her way down to Charlotte because the doctors don't feel like he will live very much longer. So sad ,he was only 20 years old.He was 14 years old in son and d-in-love's wedding ,he is the younger man in front with glasses 3rd from right. Please pray for him and his family.

I spent the afternoon doing some bird watching.
Saw the first Indigo Bunting today at the feeders.
This pair of Gold Finches are so pretty,especially the brightly colored male.Mrs. Red Winged Blackbird is pretty in her toned down colors.And this is a giant sand bird who visits my yard often.I also notice Hubbie's carpenter bee traps are working.

He saw a man making these on TV, got the instructions and now we have them hanging all around our house. They aren't to pretty but if they cut down on the damage these boring bees do to our house it will be worth looking at them for a while.

We fixed a big spaghetti supper for everyone tonight and then while daughter baked I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
Then I iced 6 caramel and 3 coconut cakes.
I'm typing as fast as I can because the promised storms are here. We are under a tornado watch, the wind is howling and the rain is coming down hard and side ways outside. Every clap of thunder seems to be getting closer so I'm off to bed to cover up my head and pray .
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you made it through the night with no bad storms, Marilyn. I am still very sad after watching TV today and seeing all of the devastation in the south. SO SAD... We truly were lucky.

I'll pray for your DIL's cousin.. That is also very sad.

Let's also pray for all who lost so much due to the Tornadoes on Wednesday. We were some of the lucky ones.