Friday, April 15, 2011


Woke to clouds and cool temps this morning. After chores and breakfast I decided to bake cakes this morning since the weather is suppose to get bad this afternoon.
I baked 3 caramel,3 chocolate and 3 coconut cakes today.
After lunch I headed up to church to work,it is still just cloudy with no rain yet.
At 3:00 g-son's other g-ma brought him by the church on her way to work at the restaurant.
He played the piano and drums while I finished working then we stopped by the Dollar General store on the way home for a reward for his good behavior.
No ball games today ,just relaxing in front of Spongebob.......
While he watched his cartoons I watched my birds.
This is the first customer at the new water fountain that I've seen.
There was a pair of these Grackles with their evil looking yellow eyes in the yard this evening.
I am amazed sometimes at what G-son remembers and notices. As we pulled up in the front of the house to park this evening he asked what happened to the shed that Hubbie tore down. Later he came out in the yard where I was and pointed to this feeder and said look Neena there's one of those cow-headed birds !!!
It has probably been 3 weeks since we were watching birds one afternoon and I told him these were Brown-Headed cowbirds. Although he got the words mixed up a bit I thought it was still impressive he remembered this particular bird.

His dad picked him up this evening and we fixed a big pot of spaghetti for them and #2 son came by for a plate. With the skies really dark now and sprinkles starting Hubbie and I did chores early and headed to church to finish the work there hopefully before the storms move in.

We made it as the rain was just starting when we got home.
I iced all my cakes and wrapped and labeled things for tomorrow.
The rain is really pouring down now and the radar looks like we are in for a rough night.
Hopefully the temperature 58 is cool enough to reduce the severe storms but the wind is still whipping out there.

God is in control and I'm glad I can rest in the comfort of His love tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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NCmountainwoman said...

Cow-headed birds is close enough. Hope the sun is shining on you today. It's gorgeous here after a night of blustery wind and rain.