Monday, April 11, 2011


When I got up this morning the first thing I noticed was my chickens already out in their lots. I can't believe I totally forgot to put them up last night,I'm sure glad no critters came through looking for a chicken dinner last night or early this morning !
It is already a very warm summer like day early. Hubbie is off today so he was working outside. I helped him put up fencing around the broccoli and cabbage plants we sat out last week to keep the rabbits from feasting on the tender plants.
I came inside to change clothes and head up to church to serve the meal for the church member who lost her daughter.
I had 3 ladies helping who had never done this before but were quick learners and although we served the biggest crowd (80+) I think we have ever had things went smoothly. I got there at 11 am and didn't leave until after 2 pm with everything all cleaned and put away.
Thanks so much to Anne, Margie and Sharon.
Unfortunately for the family who had the loss ,they have another funeral tomorrow.
The husband's mother passed away this past weekend also and her service is tomorrow,but not at our church.
She was 102 years old so they were actually celebrating her long life unlike the service today for the 45 year old daughter of the wife.
My feet were hurting when I got home so I sat outside in the sunshine while g-son played. I felt like I could have closed my eyes and slept all afternoon.
D-in-love came after g-son to get him ready for his ball game at 5:30.
He did not do well today, only batted 1 time ,played the field once , then refused to bat his turn the 2nd time ,then cried because he didn't get to bat and refused to play the field,so he didn't get to bat with his team the 3rd time.
At this point Hubbie and I left and came home. If he is going to refuse to play there is no use of us being there.
We ate left overs I brought home from the dinner for supper then did the evening chores.
We are once again under a tornado warning until 3 am with severe weather possible with a passing cold front.The temperatures are supposed to be back around normal beginning tomorrow which is almost 20 degrees cooler than they have been over the last week.
This front is coming through here again in the middle of the night so I'm hoping it doesn't make to much noise. Seems like we are getting one of these severe weather causing fronts once a week lately.

I am so tired tonight and I really can't figure out why, maybe my body is telling me it needs a good long rest tonight.
It is 10:00 and I'm headed for a long hot bath and early bedtime.

Grateful to God for His guidance and goodness in my life.
Good Night and God Bless

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, The storm just finished going through here (I think)... We didn't have anything severe --but we did have alot of rain and thunderstorms. Hope you don't have anything bad....

Sounds like you do need a good night's sleep tonight. Hope you get it... Tomorrow is a NEW day.

God Bless.