Monday, April 18, 2011


Before I get into my days activities I want to take time to send prayers to the central part of our state. During the day Saturday this area was hit with 62 tornadoes , killing more than 20 people and leaving countless numbers homeless.
This is a Lowes store that suffered a direct hit.
This used to be a mobile home park.
In a wondrous way God saved a couple people close to me, as my oldest brother went to one of the hardest hit areas on Friday to move his step daughter back home. He said they usually always do these things on Saturday and doesn't know why he choose Friday this time ????? !!!!!!
Also the minister of our church was in Raleigh Saturday celebrating one of his grandson's birthday and that area was missed by any of the severe weather.
I took these pictures off the local paper's site and the faces of some of the victims is so sad,my prayers go out to them today.

As for my day, it has been a busy one around here as the entire week will be with school out for spring break and Hubbie off all week as well as g-son being out of pre school we have a full slate of activities for each day.
Today it was construction project day or maybe part de-construction as we continued to tear down the old workshop.
In November when we started this project this is what we had.
Last month we removed the carport part and relocated the Japanese Maple.
Late today this is what we have left to tear down.Also most of the day Hubbie and #1 son re-roofed their new shop as the old roof was leaking pretty bad.
#1 son made a trip to the local metal buyer with a load of scrap we cleaned out of the old shop and the old roofing.

G-son was here all day except when he was helping his Aunt T with her dog sitting business.
He spent a lot of time in his jeep. me.. "Where are you going ?"him...."I'm need to go check on Pawpaw and Daddy, they might get hurt !!"
Such a nice 75 degree sunny day !! Nice day for a drive !!!!

A perfect day for tree climbing and pondering !!!!!!

I re-potted a couple plants and tied up a few more loose end small jobs between g0-foring for the roofers and keeping an eye on g-son and helping him chase butterflies as they feasted on the lilacs.
To bring a wonderful day to an end there is a full moon tonight and it is almost daylight outside.
After a busy day it feels so good tonight to be getting into a hot tub and getting an early bed time. It is only 9:30 and I'm turning in for the evening as tomorrow is going to be another super busy day.

Praying for comfort from God for all the storm victims from the weekend and so grateful for this wonderful day for my family.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you all had a nice day. We did too... We both worked in the yard most of the day. The weather was perfect.

Yes--let's pray for all of those who lost so much in the Saturday storms. God Be with Them.