Friday, April 29, 2011


It is a gorgeous day today,the storms of the last few days are distant memories for us ,but unfortunately not for many folks you live southwest of us. Rescuers are still searching through the remains of towns for survivors of the Wednesday night's tornado out break.
The death tole reached 318 today and so many people lost everything they had.

After morning chores I headed up to church to work.

After lunch I went to a couple plant sales in the area. The first was at the nearby community college. They mostly had bedding plants so I wound up with this box of flowers to refill some of my pots.
Among my purchases there were Geraniums,impatients,marigolds,coleus.
This sale closed at 2 pm and I just made it through before they locked the doors.
I moved on to the next sale which was at an education center called the Bullington Center.It was once the nursery of Bob Bullington,thus the name , it encompasses 12 rolling acres that serve as an education tool for the public schools in teaching children about all aspects of gardening. There was quite a crowd at this saleI have never been here before so I decided to look around a little before I shopped. I loved this arbor and they told me it would soon be covered with a variety of blooming vines.I've always wanted a water garden like this one. It was filled with Japanese Iris and other water plants and the little waterfall sounded so peaceful. I have no idea why this radio was sitting here!I think this is my favorite picture place.

I did my shopping here and wound up with another box,but this time I had blue berry plants and herbs with a hanging pot of my favorite sweet smelling petunias.
Back home I got all the bedding flowers planted and all of these except the blue berries and feverfew before I was interupted by the Direct TV serviceman coming to check my service problems.
He was a very nice young man and went straight to work updating several things that could be causing my problem.
G-son came in the mist of his repairs as #1 son had to meet a man that was buying a piece of equipment from him so I didn't have a chance to check things out before he left.
Now I have great service but the new remote won't turn the TV on and off. I have to use the old remote to turn the TV on and then the new one to do everything else. Oh well I guess you can't have everything !!!! I'll call them Monday to get them to walk me through hooking it up.
Hubbie and daughter mowed the lawn this evening while I watched g-son play in his sand box.
We had left over turkey chili for supper and then #1 son and g-son left and hubbie and I went to finish work at church.
As we came back home we found our driveway blocked by a broken down vehicle. We had to help her and the man she had called to help her push it across the road in an open gate so we could get in the drive . She got kind of huffy about moving the SUV ,I don't know how she thought she could just leave the drive blocked. People are very strange sometimes.
I have felt dragged out all day today,hopefully it is because I still haven't caught up on my sleep and not that I am coming down with something.
I iced 6 caramel and 2 chocolate cakes tonight. I'm getting to bed earlier tonight in hopes of getting back on schedule.
Praying for all the storm victims and their families and thanking God for my blessings today.

Update on D-in-love's wreck victim cousin, the doctors thought he had a stroke yesterday but found he hadn't which is a good thing. It is just a waiting game at this point,for the swelling to go down without problems and they will be replacing the ventilator with a tracheotomy tube to help prevent pheumonia. Sounds like his recovery is in God's hands.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Peggy said...

So happy I found your blog!! I have gotten this far back in your posts but have to stop and get busy on some farm chores. Will come back this evening and read more. I love it!! I was born and raised in Brevard, NC then married and moved to Franklin, NC where 2 of my 3 daughters and their families still live. After my husband died I moved to FL for 5 years but have now remarried and live on a small farm in Fayetteville, NC. Miss my mountains terribly so your blog lets me enjoy them and the life there. Have a very blessed day!! I will be back! LOL