Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wow !!! What a night !!!!
Starting off with howling wind and rain so hard it was deafening on our metal roof. Then the lightening was endless with booming thunder. If you thought you could sleep you would be wrong. At about 2:30 am the tornado sirens went off and we only heard them on the scanner as it was so noisy outside it would have been impossible to hear them.
I prayed that if a tornado was on the ground that the people in it's path did hear the sirens.
Sometime after 3 am it quieted down and the tornado warning was lifted so sleep finally came.

This morning I woke to sunshine ,a washed driveway and planter pots strewn all over the yard but no real damage that can't be easily repaired.
Thank you Jesus for I know many were not so lucky.
In the southern states that these storms passed through they are still finding bodies,as of news time tonight there were 300 deaths and more were expected as some towns were litterly wiped completely out and they were still searching for survivors. My prayers go out tonight to all these folks.

The weather this April has bee historic, with more tornadoes than ever before in a month. Yesterday 25 out of the 50 states were dealing with some kind of weather related disasters.

I went to market today and had a pretty good day surprisingly. I think people were celebrating the horrid night.
After running errands and making a couple Avon stops I was home unloading when Hubbie came in from work.
After we got things put away I was exhausted and layed down on the couch for a quick rest before g-son's b-ball game at 5;30.
Daughter woke me up at 8:00 this evening asking if I was going to eat anything before she put the supper she had made away. I didn't realize I was that tired but my body shut me down for awhile I guess.
I did evening chores right before dark and hubbie came in from working on the washes in the driveway.
Daughter had done her baking while I slept so I started mine and it's a good thing I slept this afternoon because I finished baking a little after midnight. But I figure I couldn't sleep anyway.

Praying tonight for all the losses from the storms and very grateful for our safety in the Lord's graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you were spared also, Marilyn, but I still struggle seeing all of the people who lost so much. I just cried when seeing a woman walking around the rubble calling the names of some loved ones who are missing. How sad is that.

Glad you had a good day at the market. Glad also that you got some much-needed rest.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Gail said...

So glad you are safe!