Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A cool start to the day,but not as cool as was predicted thankfully,only the low 40's.
After chores this morning I cleaned my floors.
This afternoon as the temperatures warmed but clouds still hid the sun I worked on a much neglected punch list of small jobs that kept getting pushed back.
I bought this bird feeder pole several weeks ago and have not taken time to put it together and get it set up.
I'll have to get another couple small feeders for it but I'm glad it has a water dish.I was only a couple feet from this little guy but he seemed only interested in his suet dinner.
I also put up some more bird houses , maybe everyone hasn't picked out a nesting place yet.
I worked in my sewing shop re-organizing some fallen cloth storage containers with a shelf Hubbie made for me.
Then I tackled the mass amount of papers waiting on my desk ! Including daughter's state taxes, since she owes we waited until now to file.
Also I finished March business totals,what a slacker !!!
This is just mentioning a few of the loose ends that got tied up today and I feel like I accomplished a lot for one afternoon.
When I went out to do evening chores I had to come back in and grab a camera. The sunset was gorgeous tonight and since these were shot with my small point and shoot they don't catch the vivid colors that God was painting with tonight.
Temperatures got into the upper 60's today making for a nice day.
As I finished chores and came inside I watched the sky slowly turn dark and lose all it's glorious colors as the darkness of another night took over.

We are under a frost warning tonight so I brought my ferns and a few of the most tender plants back inside tonight just in case.
Since the weather wizards missed the temperature last night I figure the odds are in their favor tonight !

I watched Survivor on TV tonight then spent the rest of the evening icing and wrapping cakes.

Grateful to God tonight for a blessed day filled with accomplishments all in His glory.
Good Night and God Bless.

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