Thursday, April 21, 2011


Early rising again on this market day. Hubbie being off today to help made it a lot easier to get things ready.
This was a good market sale day,almost sold out, picked up several more orders for Saturday also. Even sold a couple bonnets and an apron which is the most crafts I've sold in one day since before Christmas.
Daughter came by and since she wants Hubbie and I to go look at a house she has found she took 1/2 my errand list so we could all get home earlier.
As soon as we got things put away we rode over to the house. It is in foreclosure but isn't damaged too much,mostly just cosmetic things. We didn't go inside but it looked good to us on the outside if she can get it for what the realtor told her to offer it will be a good deal unless there is some unseen problems with it.
When she and the realtor went in it the other day she saw that the whole inside would have to be painted and all new flooring will have to be put in. She talked to the realtor tonight and told her she was definitely interested and so the paperwork is going to start tomorrow. It was a HUD loan and apparently according to the realtor they are much more complicated when they go into foreclosure.
It has been cloudy all day but the rain held off until we got chores done this evening.
The temperature has dropped almost 20 degrees since sundown and isn't suppose to warm up much tomorrow. Daughter came in to have supper with us and said she ran through some hail just up the road from our place. It has been raining hard on and off all evening.
I baked 6 caramel ,4 coconut,1 chocolate and 4 granny pound cakes tonight to fill some orders for Saturday.
I still have more pound and wine cakes to bake but ran out of time tonight. I will bake more pound cakes tomorrow while I'm icing the others. It is already midnight and I still have cakes that are not in the ovens yet !!

Today while driving home I noticed all the apple orchards are in full bloom now and so pretty.Asking God's guidance tonight for daughter in this huge decision she is making.

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I will be thinking of her. If this one doesn't happen, there will be more.

Good news for business. Do you have to have your kitchen inspected before you are allowed to sell baked goods?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'll be praying for your daughter to get that house --for JUST the right price... Is it fairly close to you?

Glad you had a great Market Day. Maybe that means that it will be good from now on through Summer/Fall. I hope so.

Happy Easter.

Jean said...

I am glad you had a prosperous day at the market.

My prayers are sent that the best outcome for your daughter will happen. It really sounds like a good deal.

Happy Easter my fellow Southern friend!!!