Monday, April 25, 2011


Sunshine and warm temperatures started the day as I took care of the chickens and dogs this morning.
After breakfast I started some laundry so I wouldn't have so much to catch up on tomorrow since I did no cleaning of any kind last week.
I took a walk around the farm to see what was blooming today.
My Iris are starting to put on show. I have several colors and these are the 2 that always bloom first.

This Columbine that spent the winter snuggled in the greenhouse is blooming nicely now.

My one Rose that I bought last year has a huge bloom on it and it smells heavenly.
I am going to buy another one this year in a different color.

My old timey Snowball bush is covered with blossoms this year.

This double Clematis is starting to bloom already.

Most of the azeleas are bloomed out but a couple that are on the shady side of the house. This one has blooms that look like little carnations.

And this bright pink one has the largest blossoms of all on it.

Love the huge leaves on these Hosta.

Lordy,Lordy what did I see as I rounded the turn toward the house??
We now have clean gutters and I have a few more gray hairs !!!! Thanks Hubbie !!!!

G-son came after pre-school while his dad mowed his lawn.
He loves the new sand box Pawpaw made for him. He is making toad houses with his feet.
Blowing bubbles in the wind........
We watched nasty looking storm clouds brew all afternoon and the temperature reached the low 80's with the wind blowing so we were expecting some storms this evening for sure.

Hubbie and I,#1 son and g-son and daughter met the realtor to take a closer look at the house she is going to make an offer on. There will be a huge amount of work to be done to get the house back to livable conditions but if the price is right it will be worth it.
It will have to be totally painted inside , all the flooring except the kitchen and bathrooms will have to be replaced, there are a couple door frames that are broken, the trim has been broken off part of the counter top in the kitchen, the garage door opener has been taken down and some of the window sills are broken loose.
From the looks of the dirtiness of this house it wasn't taken care of long before the foreclosure happened for it to get this bad in just 3 years.

The rain finally showed up during g-son's ballgame but thankfully no storm.I took this picture from inside daughter's jeep where we took cover to stay dry. The boys looked like they liked playing in the rain, the coach not so much !!!

We came home after the game and it had only rained just a little here but they are saying we are going to get rain all day tomorrow.
I took 2 cake orders today to deliver tomorrow so I baked chocolate cakes tonight.

We got the first fresh vegetables out of the garden today, radishes,onions and arugula ,mmmmmmm it sure tasted good.We had a good turnout on our potatoes, looks like everyone of them came up. The lettuce is almost ready to cut and then we can have some delicious wilted lettuce.This is the other side of the garden where we planted all the plants we bought at the flea market last week with the greens and onions .

God is so generous and gives us freely everything we need,if only we have the faith to ask.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yum... I love wilted lettuce... My Mom used to make it when I was growing up...

Knoxville got hit HARD from a fast-moving storm about 6:30 tonight. Lots of trees down and power lines... We haven't had anything here but wind and sunshine.... Crazy!!!!

BUT--we are supposed to get a storm tomorrow and Wed.... Fun Fun!!!

Your flowers are gorgeous... We are behind you since our Azaleas are just now blooming. And our Clematis is only about 2 feet high so far...

We do have some Irises blooming. I'll have to blog about that soon.

Have a good day tomorrow.