Tuesday, September 25, 2012


41 degrees this morning,brrr!!  As g-son and I headed out for school,he wanted to know if it was going to snow today ????
I spent this Tuesday morning normally with laundry and housework sprinkled in with my regular things.
The sun is shinning brightly and the temperatures warmed up into the low 70's by afternoon. I wish I had time to soak up some of that Vitamin D, but not today.
On the way to pick up g-son I noticed one of the local farms has a new display. I love this team of corn husk horses.

 You can see them better when you enlarge the photo.
We came home and when I stopped at the mail box g-son wanted to get out and walk up the drive for the second day in a row. In this beautiful weather who could resist.
He stopped along the way to investigate things.
Annie was waiting to greet him.
And then it was rest time when he made it to the house.
He had a good day at school even if he is a bit under the weather with a cold trying to get hold of him.
While he watched TV and ate his mac and cheese and cookies I got out some of the outside fall decorations and put away the summer ones. I discovered with the addition of Flash the curious Basset Hound I would have to relocate some things.
It was getting to late for photos this evening by the time I finished.
D-in-love picked g-son up and hubbie and I did the evening chores.
He worked on clearing the garden some more and I finished my 10 white pillows.
After all the vacuuming and mopping today this little bit of sewing fired the painful muscles up in my mid back so I am headed for an early hot bath and bed tonight.
As I started to look through my e-mails I heard loud screeching tires and when I looked out traffic was stopped down on the road. Evidently some one lost part of their trailer load of baled hay on the bridge and they had several people helping trying to pick it up. They were trying to stop traffic and I silently prayed that no one would get hurt in the darkness.
They got a lot of help from folks passing by in pick-up trucks and finally got all of it picked up and hauled away.  That's an exciting country living evening for ya !!!
Grateful to God for the safety of all who were involved in the hay dropping frenzy this evening and thankful for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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