Monday, September 24, 2012


A busy early Monday morning. G-son came at 7am, then the freind who is a teacher at the local middle school that I had the Curb Market basket donation for came about 7:30 then hubbie took g-son to school at 8:00. Whew !! 
I did chores and ate breakfast, did an exercise tape and took a walk while hubbie started cleaning off the garden.
After my walk I helped and we shucked and tied some of the corn from the few stalks that didn't blow over. With all the rain we had the ears filled in nicely. The black kernels in a couple ears must have been a cross with some Indian corn either last year or there is some around our garden that we haven't found. A man that hubbie works with gave him the seeds last year.

I planted several pumpkin vines but got only one huge pumpkin this year. We cleaned it up and I will take it to market and try to sell it, however the buyer will have to be able to lift it because I can't.
Flash is a pretty good sized dog with a huge head that shows how big the pumpkin is.
On my walk this morning I spotted these two signs of fall laying side by side in the driveway.
A black walnut and a ripe persimmon, both good sources of food for the squirrels.
I needed to go to  Foam and Fabrics in Fletcher to pick up some pillow stuffing so hubbie decided to ride along.
I bought several other things that I found on sale there that I am out of and a 25 pound bag of stuffing that will last me for a long time.
There was a new thrift store next door so we did some shopping in there. The prices were non existent! You picked out all the things you wanted and then gave a reasonable donation. The shop was run by a church for their prison mission program. They had some very nice things and it was all clean and orderly. I found a dress that will suit my 1940's era at market on Saturday among some other things and hubbie also found a nice denim shirt and some books. By the time we finished our shopping it was past lunch time so we stopped at the local SubWay for lunch. We also made a stop at Tractor Supply for animal feed and picked up my Avon order on our way home.
Haha, we left before 11am expecting to be back for lunch at home, it was 2:00 when we got here.
Hubbie started mowing the lawn and I put everything away then went to pick up g-son from school.
On our way home we stopped for some more apples at one of our favorite stands.

G-son was surprisingly reseptive to photo's today and was glad to carefully make his way to the middle of the pumpkins for a nice fall pic.
I bagged my apples,they were already out of one of my favorites, the Fuji, but I got Jonagolds, Cameos, and a new one called candycrisp while g-son munched on apple do-nuts from the pastry counter. He has become one of their favorite customers !
His dad came after him shortly after we got home,they both are fighting off runny noses and scratchy throats just as hubbie and I are. Must be the season !!!
Hubbie went back to work clearing the garden when he finished mowing,finding one last yellow tomato and 1 green one. We usually have tomatoes until frost but not this year with all the rain we were lucky to nurse them along as long as we did.
The only things left are a few chayenne pepper plants and or course the potatoes that are waiting to be dug. We have lost a lot of our potatoes this year also as the hard rains washed the dirt off them and they turned green and will have to be thrown away.
We are very thankful for what we did get as I know it was much more than a lot of folks got this year for various reason.
I got the stuffing in the 10 white eyelet pillows this evening so they are ready to sew up and finish.
It is going to be another cold night with temps predicted around 40 degrees. The high today was 67 but it is supposed to slowly warm up in the next days.
I have strayed from my new way of eating today and I feel really yucky tonight because of it. Tomorrow will be a strict day of "back to the plan" !!
Gratefully thankful to God tonight for this glorious season and for all the wonderful blessings that He bestows on us each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

your scratchy throat and runny nose might be allergies. I heard they are really bad this year. Love the pictures of G-son climbing all over the pumpkin patch. Looking forward to seeing the finished pillows. God's blessings to you.