Monday, September 10, 2012


brrrr!!!!   49 degrees this morning as g-son gets ready for school.
Hubbie took him since he hasn't done it yet and will be taking him on Mondays when he is off.
I did chores in my coveralls for the first time this season !
After a quick breakfast I went with hubbie to the eye doctor. He needs glasses and hasn't had an eye exam in several years. He got a good report and ordered a new pair of glasses.
We stopped by Tractor Supply for chicken feed and then headed home.
I did my exercise tape before lunch and then took a long walk in the nice warm sunshine after I ate.

I just love the deep blue the sky seems to turn when fall gets closer !!
Hubbie went up to one of the elder church lady's houses after lunch to get a paint sample from a wall one of the other Deacons fixed a hole in to match some paint so he can paint it for her.
She tried to hire him to paint her whole kitchen but he said  his plate was full right now and he could only paint the new wall.
When he came back we were sitting out in the sunroom having coffee when a bird banged into one of the windows. I went outside and found this little guy among my chives in the herb pot beside the steps. He was dazed but alert.
I took this picture and watched him until the dogs came around the house then I reached down and picked him up gently and he flew to the top of the nearest tree. Birds must be pretty tuff because that was a hard hit he took.
I originally thought it was a female gold finch but it was so green I really don't know what it was, maybe a pine siskin ??? Any ideas ???
Hubbie rode with me to pick up g-son who was beaming because he got a green light for being good all day. We stopped by a local apple house for apples,a cabbage and of course g-son had to have an apple slushie. I like this apple house because you can mix your apples any way you want and get several different sizes and varieties in the same bag.
#1 son came in right behind us to meet a man looking to buy his dump truck. He stayed for over an hour and left to check about how much insurance would be on the truck.
G-son always wants a big bowl of mac and cheese when he gets in from school.
He is growing so fast!
After chores I went to my sewing shop in the nice cool evening and cut out 14 baby pillows. I am going to have to make a trip to Foam and Fabric in Fletcher to get some stuffing so I can finish them.
Hubbie got the weed eating done and then pickled some more of his hot peppers.
After my chickens roosted I moved several and put tags on them so I can tell the younger ones next spring when I sell some. I moved my last 2 laying pullets into the big lot  and put out the 6 little Silkie chicks left from the ones I was selling into the smaller lot. This is a step toward getting things ready for the cold weather.
As I looked out across the lawn today and saw a few scattered leaves I imagined in just a few short weeks the grass will be covered with a thick layer of fallen leaves. Where did this year go ????
As I looked out over #2 son's now rented house I imagined how soon all this green will be turning to shades of brown and gray or maybe even White !!!

Grateful for the blessings of nature and of the wonderful creations of our Savoir and Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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