Sunday, September 9, 2012


Church was good this morning,I got there early to put new flowers in the sanctuary and catch up on visits with some neighbors before the service started. Preacher is working his way through the book of Acts.
We had 4 people baptized this morning, 2 young boys, a middle aged man with 4 kids and an older gentlemen. Baptism is always a special part of our service.

To God be the Glory !!!
Today is a cool nice fall feeling day. We had everyone for lunch and ate a little early as #2 son has a bank appointment at 2:00.
He got all the paperwork done on his loan,now he just waits for a positive answer to go ahead with the next step which should come within 72 hours.
Hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club this afternoon and then had a relaxing evening.
It is 61 degrees tonight as I type this at 9:00,brrrr.  I tried to sit outside this evening but would have had to have  changed into long pants and a jacket to have been comfortable.
The tropics are still busy but so far the storms are staying away form us.
Here we will be enjoying a cool, dry week for a change as summer slowly gives up its grip and the brilliant blue skies of fall take over.
Started my 6th volume of my blog books tonight by getting everything downloaded to Booksmart.
So far I have a printed book for every 6 months that I have blogged.
I'm going to work on it awhile tonight before bed.
Grateful for a blessed Sunday and for the souls that were gained by Christ this morning.
Good Night and God Bless.

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