Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A foggy morning as I drove g-son to school these fog filled fields look ghostly !!

I did chores,had breakfast and devotions and then when I started my exercise things kinda went hay wire. Got a call from #1 son saying the man was coming after the dump truck so I stopped my tape and went outside to put the dogs up. I came in,got the exercise tape finished and started on my walk just as the guy came 30 minutes late to pick up the truck. That area is on my walking path and as I passed and spoke to the wife who had drove him here she started talking to me. We discovered that I went to school with a couple of her first cousins. She is from Simpsonville,SC. After they left I cut my walk short to get started on my baking. Which didn't happen because a cousin returned a call from yesterday and we always gab for quite awhile. I was telling her about one of our cousin's that we have never met that is stopping by to see me today.
I ate lunch before I started baking.I baked 16 layers,3 pound and 2 wine cakes. I didn't get finished before I had to turn the ovens off to go pick up g-son from school.
He had another good day and decided he wasn't afraid of the outside,just bees,eviedentley they went out on the playground today !!!
I hurridly got the rest of my cakes into the oven so I could pick up the house some before the arrival of my cousin.
#1 son came after g-son to get ready for church tonight.
Kath arrived a few minutes later. We had a wonderful visit, almost 3 hours of endless catching up and sharing. All in all I would say all the work these blogs are has definitely payed off in my new found extended family.
This is a pic of me and Kath . Her grandfather is in the picture behind us ,that's him beside her head.

She is from Dallas ,Texas ,her 2 children also live in Texas.She is the granddaughter of one of my dad's older brothers. I never met her father unfortunately. Her grandfather was a police chief in Asheville while my dad lived there for several years,they had many adventures together.

Sounds like our lives have been similar in many ways. Hubbie came in from work after they were here and he and Kath's hubbie talked almost as much as we did.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get to meet another cousin, Kath's sister is coming from Ohio here for a couple days. Can't wait to meet her also. what  fun !!!
When she left my hubbie said that was a first for him to see one of my family with red hair and brown eyes !!  My paternal family are all known for our icy blue eyes and most have brown hair,although there is some red hair in our genes.
I had a busy evening after the visit icing cakes and doing weekly paperwork. I still made it to bed before 11:30.
Very thankful tonight for God's gifts of family and health.
Like Kath said ,I hope that our fathers who were close brothers are looking down and smiling that we have finally found each other and can laugh and tell some of the stories they told us as children.
Good Night and God Bless.

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