Thursday, September 6, 2012


Took g-son to school and dropped him off as he insisted to walk in by himself.
I was ready for market in record time even had time to eat breakfast sitting down instead of in the car or on the run as I usually do.
Market was slow today as I expected. It always  seems the week after a holiday weekend is always slow and now especially with the September slow down I busied myself with towel crafts.
I made 3 of these towel angels.
And crochet the tops on 1 of these towels.
I had a nice visit with a friend that was killing time before an appointment.
I had some extra stops to make on my way home,one was at the meat market. I brought an extra cooler with ice packs in it to keep the fresh beef cuts cool until I got home. I bought enough roast to fix Sunday lunches for a while and got hubbie and I a couple packs of rib-eyes and some smoked pork chops.
I made it home by 4:30 and was almost unloaded by the time hubbie came in from work.
We had some of the smoked pork chops for supper and they were delicious as usual.
He mowed part of the lawn tonight while I took care of the chores and did some paperwork.
Today turned out to be a beautiful day after a dreary start.
It is supposed to feel like fall for at least a week later this weekend.
Low 50's at night ,ahhhhh , open windows, listening to the tree frog lullaby, that's more like it !!!!
Grateful for the blessing of living in these mountains and enjoying God's handiwork each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

YEAH---I am ready for some Fall weather too... Looks GREAT....

Your pork chops sound wonderful.

Sorry about the slow day at the market--but you got alot done...

linda m said...

Sorry about your slow market day. You sound like me stocking up on meat when it is on sale. Can't wait for the cooler nights - I sleep so much better. You are blessed to be living in the mountains. Have a great weekend.