Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is the scene I look at every morning now, it's both sad and happy for me to see g-son so independent and getting so big.
This morning was a surprisingly cloudy morning.
These white fluffys  turned into gray rainy looking clouds for awhile but late this afternoon the sun finally made an appearance.
I spent the day buried in catching up housework and laundry after last weeks vacation break.
Since g-son started school I changed my schedule putting all my housework and laundry in one day. It is working out fine especially with the added energy I now have with my new lifestyle eating schedule plus the loss of the weight and having more muscle. I can whip through all the dusting,cleaning,mopping, vacuuming and all the other stuff that comes up and even have time for extra task before school lets out. Today I did extra cleaning outside.
I was sitting in line almost to the pick up place when I looked up and saw a crying g-son being led back through the line to my van by one of the teachers. As I opened the door and he got in the teacher said he had just a minute ago gotten bee stung on his wrist. She asked if he had been stung before and I said no so she said the spot was starting to swell quickly.
Luckily I had taken a bottle of ice cold water from the frig and was drinking it while waiting in line. There was just a little cold water still in it so I gave it to him to hold on the sting until we could get home. He stopped crying and started telling me all about the bee that stung him. He said it was a "yellow jacket" or maybe a "black yellow jacket" !!
As soon as we got home he helped make a paste of vinegar and baking soda and we packed it on the sting spot which was now the size of a quarter and really red. I put a band aid on it to hold the paste in place. I got some ice out and he layed his wrist on it. He thought that eating an ice cream cone would help cool it down from the inside.
Soon he was good as new except a little sore and talking a mile a minute with the extra attention he was getting. Dad came by on his way to meet his dump truck buyer and checked out the sting to make sure the stinger wasn't still in it.
Pawpaw came home and he wanted to go lay in our bed and watch TV in there on our "big soft bed".
#1 son sold his dump truck which is the last piece of equipment from his business. The man is supposed to come after it in the morning. It has been sitting up at the shed for months without a tag or insurance so I am glad to see it gone.
#2 son came by to get some more papers for the bank that is working on his loan. He is conditionally approved but has a long way to go yet. The house has renters in it and they don't want a lot of people in it while they are at work during the day and they work the same hours as the banks appraiser so the realtor is trying to have him there at the same time the house inspector is. I told son tonight I don't think he will get in the house before November.He will need to be patient with all these problems and paperwork.
Today is the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001. In remembrance of the 3000 lives that were lost our local fire dept holds a prayer service.
That day changed our lives as we lost a great sense of security in this country.

This has been a good day of work and play and I thank God for these blessings and ask for His guidance for #2 son in the days ahead and especially today I pray for the families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks may God bless and comfort them throughout the years.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Poor little boy, bee stings are not fun. Hope he heals quickly.