Thursday, September 27, 2012


G-son was in a really good mood this morning as we headed out for school. His little nose has stopped running and he is feeling like his old self again so his world is coming up all roses right now.
I hurried home and did chores and got ready for market. I have several orders and need to get there on time.
I made it and got all set up before any customers showed up. And it stayed that slow all day. I was glad I had the orders I did have. Since last Thursday was a good day I had high hopes for today but they were, with one look down the empty aisles, dashed quickly.
Daughter came by on her way from a meeting and picked up some cakes for another order.
She also over baked today because she sold out early last week. Oh well it never ceases to amaze me at how things at this market are never predictable.
After market I ran regular errands,picked up baking supplies and delivered 2 Avon orders on my way home. I unloaded and put things away before Hubbie made it home.
He changed clothes and headed out to get another free load of mulch for our bank below the house.
I did chores and stuffed 12 apple print chair cushions I bought at Foam and Fabric on Monday. Now they just have to be sewn closed and they are finished.
Hubbie got the mulch unloaded about dark and came inside for a salad supper.
I iced 6 caramel cakes that were already baked.
Here are some of my fall decorations, I use the same decorations each year so if you've followed my blog since last fall you've seen these before but maybe in a different position.
I had to move Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow so Flash wouldn't be tempted to chew on them.
Love this little guy  peeking out of this bunch of pretty leaves.
And of course the horse collar beside the front door gets a fall make over.
I am planning on getting the inside fall decorations done next week.
This has been another really nice fall day, the temperature got up to 78 today for a little touch of summer but is predicted to drop back down even starting tomorrow.
The leaves are starting to turn already on some trees. Could we be in for an early fall ???
Grateful to God tonight for His many blessings of today and for my health and strength to do the task I take on each day. Also still praying for #2 son's house deal to work out.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

I love your Fall decorations. I put mine out yesterday. Leaves are turning very quickly here in S.E. WI I really think we will have an early winter :( God's Blessings to you.