Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Well the fields aren't flooded this morning and there is only a little over an inch of rain in the gauge.
While g-son had breakfast and I got dressed I flipped the TV on to watch the news and discovered that the rain had slowed and just hadn't gotten here yet,yuck !!
On the way to school it started raining pretty hard and I got wet doing chores even with a rain coat and hat.
The renter had come up early before he went to work and turned his cattle back down into the lower bottom,(guess he didn't watch the news this morning). I left Snowball in the barn just in case I needed to get the cattle back up in the upper pasture. Snowball doesn't mind staying in the barn at all because she doesn't like rain anyway.
I started a load of laundry while I did exercises and another walking tape.
I spent the rest of the morning doing housework between 3 loads of laundry and watching the creek rise down in the pasture.
Talk to #2 son's realtor about some things the inspector found wrong with the house he is buying, she wanted to know if we had a preference of workers to get estimates from. She also had discovered that the selling bank had the house re-appraised for some reason no one can figure out.I can't believe that they might finally admit they were wrong about mixing this house up with one with a higher value .
By lunchtime there was water,water everywhere but luckily most of it stayed in the creek banks,thank you Lord.

We had lots of water run off but no major flooding.
Thankfully we caught a break in the rain for about 2 hours this afternoon to give it time to run down a little before the next round hit about the time I went after g-son from school.
He was in a good mood this afternoon and ate mac & cheese and then entertained himself with some foam block construction.
The rain finally stopped for good and left us with over 3" additional in the gauge.
#1 son called and said he was having to work over to repair a mud slide in the Bat Cave area so d-in-love came after g-son when she got off work.
When I went out to do the chores I slipped and slid all over the place in the mud. It will take a while for this to dry up for sure. A cold front is coming through and the air already feels very fallish this evening.
Spent the evening reading and blogging to bring this worrisome day to a calming end.
Grateful to God for the thirst quenching rains and for all His blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

You were very lucky that you didn't have any flooding. Also that you didn't hurt yourself slipping in the mud. God does watch over His children.

Brandon McBride said...

That is some deep flooding. I'm with Linda on this - you were lucky.