Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's starting to warm up some this morning,51 degrees feels warm compared to 41 anyway. G-son and I are still in long jeans and jackets on the way to school.
The fog is still hanging low among the mountains as I drive by my favorite picture taking place.

After chores and breakfast I did an exercise tape and took a nice walk in the warm sunshine. My back is still sore from yesterday so everything was done with careful consideration this morning.
This is going to be a busy g-son day with school having an early dismissal day and a trip to the dentist on tap for him so I got my baking started early.I baked some extra for Old Timey Day Saturday hoping it will be a busy day.
18 caramel,2 chocolate,1 coconut, 1 pound 1 wine cake.
I finished just before time to go pick him up at 1:00. We came home and while he ate another lunch I caught up some little chores around the house and bagged my Avon orders.
His dentist is in Skyland and he was ready to go as he loves going to this dentist. As soon as we walked in the door he was called back. He had only 10 minutes earlier went to sleep in the van and I was afraid he was going to be a real grouch but as soon as he got in the chair he was fine.
He's listening carefully to instructions.

This hygenist was really good with kids and she had names for all he instruments so she made it fun.

He got a flouride treatment and had to hold this yellow tray in his mouth for several minutes.
We had a good laugh at his big yellow smile and he pointed at the camera so he could see what we were laughing about so I took a pic and he tried to laugh .
He got a no cavity report from the dentist and got to pick a toy from the toy chest so all was good !!
He went back to sleep on the way home,but woke up as soon as I stopped at our mailbox so he could walk up the drive way.
While he played with his foam letter and number bocks I worked on paperwork and payed bills for the week.
I have such a long to do list for the month of October I can only hope I find the time to get it done along with all the regular stuff that comes in October.
I guess that's what makes me sigh with satisfied relief when winter does make an appearance.
Hubbie got one of his jobs almost complete as he is nearly finished cleaning off the garden.
Digging potatoes is on my list !!

I iced 12 caramel ,2chocolate and 1 coconut cake tonight. My back is still bothering me so I'm looking forward to bedtime tonight. Truth be known I didn't even open my computer tonight,I'm writing this Thursday morning while I'm sitting at market wishing I had some customers !!
I love that blogger lets you back date post so they will appear on the day you are writing about.
God is faithful and true each and everyday if we only allow Him into our lives.
Good Night abd God Bless.

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