Monday, September 17, 2012


Hubbie was off today and got up to greet g-son and take him to school so I could snooze a little later this morning. I really should stay on my schedule and get up at the same time every morning. My new life style calls for a regular wake up time,but oh how I love the leisurely mornings when I don't have to jump up and fix a breakfast or feed hungry animals. Oh well,such is life !!
After chores in the rain this morning I did an exercise tape followed by a 30 minute 2 mile walking tape,whew !!! that's a good work out!.
Hubbie went up to an elderly ladies house to do some repairs and painting in her kitchen where one of the other deacons had fixed a wall for her.
I got all my intended for today things done before lunch so after lunch I was looking for a rainy day activity.
Hubbie came in for lunch, went into town to pick up his new glasses,which he likes pretty well, picked up bird seed for me. If the rain ever stops I need to refill all my feeders.
He went back up to finish the job at the ladies house leaving me alone and still wondering what I could do.
I started scanning some of the old photos I have that my new found cousin wanted me to email her. When I got that done I decided since I had all the old pics out I would scan them in and send them to my Walgreens website for safe keeping. This took most of the afternoon until it was time to pick up g-son.
He had a great day at school today but was ravenously hungry,eating everything in site when we got home.
As we drove home I watched the clouds get lower and cover the mountain tops in advance of a very rainy system we are expecting tonight and tomorrow.

After getting his stomach full his dad came to pick him up and get ready for open house tonight at school.
Hubbie came in from his day of painting and we did chores early while it wasn't raining.
We helped the renters get their cattle up in the upper pasture and their horses shut up in the barn.Rebecca is looking much better from the pregancy sickness she has been having with the new medicine she is on.
 Our area is under flash flood watches and tornado warnings tonight.Red is tornado warning and aqua is flood watch.
Might be an interesting night and morning !
I emptied over 6/10ths inch of rain from the gauge tonight at chore time and the rains are just now starting to pick up at 8:00 tonight.
 I can rest in the comfort of God's plan tonight as I listen to the patter of rain on the metal roof.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

There is something very soothing in the sound of rain on the roof. God's blessings to keep you all safe.