Thursday, September 13, 2012


Had an interesting early morning with g-son today. He came in,crashed on the bench near the door with his book bag ,crying ,saying he never wanted to go to school again. Surprised I ask what prompted this change of attitude. He said he couldn't have his birthday at Chuckie Cheese so he wasn't ever going to school again ! Not knowing what or where the Chuckie Cheese thing came from I simply informed him that going to school was not a choice. If he didn't go to school a policeman would come and take his mom and dad to jail. I left him alone while he pondered this situation and went back to my bedroom to dress and get ready for the day.
When I returned to the living room he was dry eyed, sitting in the recliner watching TV and asking for waffles and bacon for breakfast.
Not another  word was said about not going to school or Chuckie Cheese.
This was his day to bring snacks for the entire class,so I walked him into his class helping him to carry them. He walked in front of me to lead me to his room ,just sure that I had forgotten where it was ! Had a nice short chat with his teacher.
I talked to mom and dad later this morning and neither of them have heard anything about Chuckie Cheese so we have no idea where that came from.
After chores I got to market early and got set up for a slow day. It was 51 degrees when I got up and only got up to 71 this afternoon,fall is in the air !!!
I caught up my blog between customers and talked with friends to make for an enjoyable morning.
I did accomplish crocheting the top on one towel before it was time to pack up and leave.
I ran regular errands and picked up groceries and baking supplies. I went into Lowe's to check out their seasonal clearance and found a nice embroidered pillow of course with a bird on it.
I came home ,unloaded and checked the mail. Hubbie came home and we ate supper and tended to our evening chores. Hubbie's brother came by to borrow a brush cutter to clear his deer hunting property in SC with this weekend.
Warning for all my blog readers, do not do business with a bank called First Troy Spe. LLC, and that's all I'm gonna say since I surely can't find anything nice to say about them,EXCEPT.......

I have cakes to ice tonight and then I'm in for an early bedtime.
Thanking God for all my blessings of the day and praying for His intervention on #2 son's behalf.
Good Night and God Bless.

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