Friday, September 28, 2012


Had a moody g-son this morning,Friday mornings are always a challenge as he doesn't want to go to school on this day for some reason. I think he is just tired, just like the rest of us, that's why we have TGIF !!
After I got him off to school I did chores,ate breakfast,read my Bible then exercised and walked.
The sun is shinning and it is in the upper 50's already.
Flash got tired and watched from the yard . He is a handsome fellow !!!
 This is the bank hubbie had been spreading the free mulch on.It looks good and won't need mowing now.

I baked 12 caramel,2 chocolate and 1 coconut this morning. Then after a quick sandwich lunch I soaked up some Vitamin D before the clouds took over the sun.
I completed the 12 apple seat cushions from yesterday.
I think they are really pretty ,hopefully someone else will think they are pretty enough to buy !!!
I had some extra time so I made these 3 jean aprons since I only have one left at market.
The cloudy skies and distant thunder sent me to gathering my herbs a little earlier than I had planned.
This will be the last of the herb gatherings this season except maybe some  sage that is still growing.
After I got the fresh all gathered in I bottled all the dried ones from the last gathering.
I have basil,sage, rosemary, french tarragon,apple mint, spearmint and oregano. I have lots of oregano so I didn't cut anymore of it this time.
Whew !! I have got a lot done today that has been lingering on my "to do" list but there is still plenty left to do.
Hubbie is over at daughter's house tonight  helping her spread another load of the mulch on her bank.

We never got any rain as it passed to the east of us do far. I only hope it doesn't rain tomorrow during market's old timey day. That always makes for a long day for all the helpers. Hubbie borrows a meat chopper and chops the BBQ for the lunch they sell. He always helps cook the ham and sausage on the old wood cook stoves also.
Hubbie came in about 7:00 and I helped him clean and load the chopper after he washed the bed of his truck out good. The mulch is still "pickling" and it doesn't smell real good.
I iced all my cakes and we went ahead and loaded the van so that won't be left to do in the morning.
The  clouds made for a pretty sunset tonight.
As I looked at the sunset I notice this lone colorful tree in the woods in front of the house. Guess it wanted to be the first to turn color.
That bed is going to feel really good tonight.
Thanking God tonight for a wonderful blessed day filled with wondrous miracles He creates for our pleasure.
Good Night and God Bless.

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