Sunday, September 23, 2012


Nursery Duty Sunday comes around once in every quarter for Hubbie and I. Years ago when our church nursery was established and they asked for volunteers we were one of the first to sign up. My feelings are that those young parents need to be able to relax and learn about God while their children are being cared for by responsible adults. Thankfully enough folks felt the same as we did so everyone only has one Sunday a quarter. I think God smiles on those who volunteer their time to care for His children as they develop a love for Him through their caretakers.
We had 7 little ones this morning with just hubbie and I pulling duty and they all seemed to be happy and played well together.
We had roast beef, baked potatoes,green beans, corn and strawberry shortcake for lunch. Everyone came but d-in-love who was cleaning house.
Shortly after we ate we all went our separate ways and hubbie and I made a trip to Sam's Club and Ingles then came home to relax for the evening.
It was 73 degrees this afternoon in the bright sunshine but when that sun went down this evening the temperature plummeted,already at 59 at 8:30 and headed for maybe the upper 30's tonight !!
It is very early in the season for these temperatures.
One thing about this kind of weather it will bring out the fall leaf color sooner.
As of  Friday this is the leaf viewing map,I have a feeling this will be changing soon.

 Fall is my favorite time of year, it is as if the whole world sighs and slows down. The cool days and nights bring out the jackets and long pants and send many living things into hibernation and dormancy for a long rest. The garden is spent, the lawn soon will no longer need mowing and the bush hog attached to the tractor will be replaced with the wood carrier.
The air has a special fragrance this time of year as chimneys begin to smoke and leaf burning begins.
The sky is a brilliant blue and the chill puts a new energy in each step. Yea, did I mention I love this time of year??!!
Back in September of 2002 daughter was beginning her senior year of highschool. This is her senior photo with a puppy that #1 son's then girl friend Brandy had given him.

She was also beginning her senior year of volleyball.
This is the entire team ,daughter is to the left of the ball next to the coach.

We spent many hours in the gym watching her games that month,she is #2.
 That's her in the air hitting the ball .
#2 son was starting his sophomore year at Montreat college and #1 son was working,laying rock.
Just doesn't seem like 10 years have gone by since these pics were taken !!!
I'm blogging early tonight because Bernie gets his turn to be groomed tonight. He doesn't realize how lucky he is that hubbie and I groom him each time instead of sending him to the groomer but his hair is so fine he is no trouble for us to do it with the clippers we have. Dolly on the other hand needs professional grooming at least twice a year to get into the places we just can't cut.
God is so good to me and I humbly strive to spread His glory in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

That is so sweet of you to volunteer for nursery duty. It is important for young couples to be able to worship with each other without worrying about the little ones. Time does fly by when our children are involved. Fall to me is God showering us with beauty before the white of winter.